Mount Diablo High School

Mount Diablo High
Academy Presentation
Principal – Kate McClatchy
What are academies?
• Academies offer small learning
communities for students to
specialize in particular skills.
• We have four academies at
Mount Diablo: Architecture,
Construction, Manufacturing &
Engineering Academy
(ACME), Digital Safari
Academy (DSA), Medical &
Biotech Academy (MBTA),
International Hospitality &
Tourism Academy (IHTA)
• All academies offer access to
rigorous curriculum, team
building activities, and
internship opportunities.
Digital Safari Academy (DSA)
• Multimedia Pathway
– Students will take career tech
courses focused on video
production, digital
photography, and graphic
– Students will complete
collaborative projects that
merge digital arts with core
curricula, such as English and
social studies.
– Students participate in
internships during their Junior
year and work with mentors in
the fields of multimedia,
communications, and
• Interactive Design Pathway
– Students will take career tech
courses focused on interactive
design, such as gaming,
animation and web design.
– Students will solve real world
problems and be prepared for
the growing Information
Technology field.
– Students will complete a
capstone course in which they
will complete an inquiry-based
International Hospitality & Tourism
Academy (IHTA)
• Culinary Arts Pathway
– Students will take a variety of
career tech courses focused
on hospitality and tourism.
– Students will work in the
Serendipity Restaurant as 12th
graders, developing the menu,
preparing the food, and
serving customers.
– Students will be enrolled as
members of FHA Hero, a
career technical organization
for students enrolled in home
economics careers and
technology education.
– Students have the opportunity
to participate in internships in
the field of hospitality and
• Healthy Living Pathway
– Students will take a variety of
career tech courses focused
on health, nutrition, and
– Students will learn how to
cook and live in a healthy
lifestyle, preparing for careers
in the growing health and
medical sector.
– Students will work in the
Mount Diablo High School
garden, an expanding urban
farm used to produce the
organic foods prepared in the
– Students will partner with the
City Wellness Challenge.
Architecture, Construction,
Manufacturing, & Engineering (ACME)
• Construction Pathway
– Students take career tech
courses focused on
construction and
manufacturing through the
– 11th and 12th graders have the
opportunity to take ROP
– Students will explore colleges
and careers through field trips
to schools and industry.
– Students of all grades have
the opportunity to participate
in the ACE (Architecture,
Construction, and
Engineering) mentor
afterschool program.
• Architecture & Engineering
– Students take a sequence of
Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
courses to prepare them for
rigorous careers in
– Students will have the
opportunity to take Computer
Integrated Manufacturing, a
robotics class, and Civil
Engineering and Architecture
as capstones.
– Eventual scale-up will include
Engineering Design and
Development, the PLTW
capstone, an inquiry-based
engineering class.
Medical & Biotechnology Academy
• Students will take career tech courses focused on the health and
medical sector.
• All 10th graders will take sports medicine and assist athletic teams
on campus.
• All 11th graders will take ROP Biotechnology, learning how to use
sophisticated equipment in our new science labs.
• Some 12th graders will receive professional development on
workplace etiquette, learn how to make professional presentations,
and engage in an internship in a health field. These students will
take an advanced biotechnology class and engage in independent
• Some 12th graders will take an advanced sports medicine course
during 7th period and run the athletic training program for Mount
Diablo High School.

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