Cyberinfrastructure @ EDUCAUSE

ISC – Infrastructure SC
Responsible for defining and
recommending the coordinated shared
services and resources of the
information technology environment at
the University of Guelph.
ISC – Infrastructure SC
Will explore, define and promulgate
resources and services that form the
core IT capacity (i.e. centrally
supported and maintained).
ISC – Infrastructure SC
The agenda of the subcommittee will be
managed by the Chair based on issues
brought forward by subcommittee
members, IT service providers, ISC or
the CIO.
ISC – Infrastructure SC
Doug Badger
Kent Hoeg
Steven Liss (new)
Liana Rowlands
David Stanley (new)
Bill Teesdale
Jeff Walker
Bo Wandschneider (Chair)
ISC – Infrastructure SC
 Want to survey community
 Why
 Environmental Scan
 Help fill IT asset repository
 When
 ASAP (end of semester)
 Who
 IT community
 Start with Colleges and Directorates
ISC – Infrastructure SC
 What
Areas of Difficulty/Expertise
 Numbers of PC’s, Servers, IT Staff, faculty,
staff, grads, students, labs…
 Prompts
 storage requirements, backup requirements…..
ISC – Infrastructure SC
 Our Priorities
 Enterprise Level Agreements
 Collaborative Tools
 Document Management
ISC – Infrastructure SC
 Other ideas
 Security, repositories, e-commerce, mass
communication, desktop renewal, student
computing (procurement), virtual
computing, green computing. Red
Hat/Linux, FIM, web Development/delivery,
database, storage/backup, multimedia,
LMS, cyberinfrastructure, infrastructure
ISC – Infrastructure SC
Next Steps…..

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