Mixed-Signal Testing and Design for Testing in the Deep

ECE4007 Senior Design Project
Linda Milor and Erick Maxwell
[email protected]
[email protected]
• Linda Milor
• Office: Klaus 1354
• Erick Maxwell
• Office: CRB 423
What Goes On In This Course
Form design groups – 3 to 5 members
Propose a design project – oral and written
Classes on selected topics
Group meetings with instructors
Each group builds a Web Site
PDR Presentations (10-15 mins.)
Capstone Expo.
Final Group Presentations (15-20 mins.)
Final Report
Final Demonstration
What Will Be Due
Finalize groups (Aug. 27)
Technical review paper (Sept. 4)
Weekly status reports (due by email on Tuesday)
Project summary document (Dec. 2)
Written project proposal (Sept. 18)
Detailed project schedule and task leaders in weekly status
report (starting Sept. 24 by email)
PDR Presentations (Oct. 31)
Final Presentations (Dec. 3)
Capstone Expo (Dec. 5)
Final Report (Dec. 10 – not Dec. 12)
Final Web Site (Dec. 10)
Demo (Dec. 12)
• Grades are assigned via the lecture
• The percentage of the grade determined by the section will
be announced in lecture
• The project team determines 69% of the total grade in the
• Everyone on the same team may not get the same grade
Teamwork & Professionalism
Weekly Reports
Written Proposal
Design Review Presentation
Capstone Expo
Final Report
Final Presentation
Project Demonstration
Individual Team Total
5% 5%
15% 15%
6% 10%
5% 5%
15% 15%
3% 15%
20% 20%
Project Topic Requirement
• Software – Instruction Set/Processor (any type)
• Hardware – Processor/Sensors
• Application
For Inspiration, see:
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4006/0
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/0
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/0
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/0
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/0
• xx = 1,2,…,10 x = 1,2,…,5
For Inspiration, see:
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/0
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/11
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/1
• http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/ece4007/1
• xx = 1,2,…,10 x = 1,2,…,5
Example Projects
• Mobile robot-based projects
- Add sensors and sensor processing to do complex tasks
(vision tracking, velocity control and path planning,
formation following)
- Examples include:
 Temperature sensing and reporting on the web
 A method to monitor your home via the web
 A method to monitor a warehouse via intruder sensing
and video feed to a remote site
 An autonomous snow blower
Example Projects
• RFID-based projects
- Use an RF reader to identify items in a refrigerator and
their expiration dates and keep this information in a
database that can be remotely assessed over the web
- Use an RF reader to identify people (assume RF tags
are on an ID badge) and equipment and use a database
to control the lock on a door to determine if a particular
person can take that piece of equipment out of the door
- An RFID-based pet feeding system, that dispenses food
only to tagged pets at appropriate times
- An RFID-based method to identify if all cars in a lot
have permits
Example Projects
• More wireless projects
- Automatically dispense drinks from a vending machine
based on a wireless input, check the availability of
funds, and manage the account through the web
- Read the buzzcard upon entry into the on-campus bus
system and bill users accordingly
- Display restaurant menus on a hand-held device, allow
orders to be make through the device, and produce a
bill and enable payment though the hand-held device
- Build a sound system that replaces wires between
guitars and amplifiers with a wireless connection
- Build a sound system where you can select the audio
stream in a sports bar
Example Projects
• Gaming projects
- Build an electronic chess board
- Build an interface to enable the use of games from
multiple manufacturers on a single display
- Build an automatic hockey player, so that a user can
practice without a partner
- Adapted Pokemon to a tablet
- Develop an electronic Rock’em Sock’em
Example Projects
• Home automation projects
- Automatic lighting system with sensors that detect
external lighting, automatic control of blinds, and
automatic adjustment of internal lighting
- Adaptive thermostat using Bluetooth
- Web-based remote control of AV equipment
- An system that silences a stereo system whenever a room
is empty
Example Projects
• Sensor projects
- Use IR sensors to determine if someone is in the path of
a sprinkler, and if so, turn off the sprinkler
- Use sensors to display the number and locations of
available parking spaces in a parking lot
- Use sensors to detect rain for an automatic windshield
wiper system
- Use sensors to detect tire pressure for an automated tire
pressure maintenance system
Example Projects
• Automatic display projects
- Perform frequency analysis of music and display lights or
water pumps according to the frequency spectrum
• Speech recognition projects
- A voice-activated calculator
- A voice-activated remote control
• Music players and analysis
- An automated piano player
- A Theremin, with frequency analysis to train the user
GTRI Project Idea
• Sensor Project
- GTRI Funded
- More combat helicopters are lost to low visibility
conditions than to enemy fire.
- Situational awareness during poor weather conditions is
of great importance to Special Operations Forces.
- We need to develop a sensor-based system with
processors and displays that is aware during snow, fog,
rain, and dust-storms.
- It must be of an acceptable size, weight, and power.
- No ITAR restrictions.
- P.O.C. Dr. Mick West ([email protected])
Project Ideas by Aaron Lanterman
• Beaglebone Black Capes
- http://beagleboard.org/Products/BeagleBone%20Black
- The “capes” are the Beagleboad version of the Arduino
“shields”: http://beagleboard.org/cape
- The Beagleboard is sort of like a Raspberry Pi but quite
a bit more powerful and with lots more connector things
• Hybrid Digital/Analog Music Synthesizer
- Dr. Lanterman has advised three teams on this
- Each team has used “lessons learned” by previous teams
- Dr. Lanterman can help out with other music/audio type
projects also
Project Ideas by Aaron Lanterman
• USB-to-Apple II Disk Controller
- He has several old-school Apple II’s with old school
Apple disk drives
- He would like to get data directly off the disks without
having to hook the drive up to an Apple II and get a
serial card for the Apple
- It would be cool to have a USB thing for your computer
that lets you hook to one of these Apple drives.
- Note that this project is a bit risky, since although the
Apple drive is quite well documented, the project
probably will involve a bit of reverse engineering.
Project Ideas by Aaron Lanterman
• USB-to-Apple II Peripheral Card Interface
- The Apple II allowed plug-in cards with direct access to
the bus
- It would be fun to run these from a modern computer
- He has various Apple II peripheral cards and more are
available from ebay
Multidisciplinary Projects
• Meeting
- Today at 5:30pm in IC103
• Project Descriptions
Things to Think About
• Application
- What are you doing and why is it novel and necessary?
• Market
- Who is the customer?
• Cost
- What is the product development cost, including design
cost and parts? What is the manufacturing cost?
• Sales Volume
- How many will you sell per year? What is the product
How to Get Parts
• Borrow Parts
– VL C363-C356: We have a collection from previous
semesters (act quickly)
• Buy Parts
– You buy it, you own it
– GT Funds – Each group gets a budget of
approximately $100 per person in the group; GT owns
the parts.
• Company loan or gift
Design Process
• Determine application
• Write specifications
– How will you measure performance?
• Hardware block diagram
• Software block diagram
• Determine/order parts
• Test parts of the project; test subsystems
• Integrate all parts together
Big picture and leadership
Component Testing
Integration and Testing
Cost and Marketing Analysis
Hand In Information About Yourself
Project idea (if any)
• Group Members

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