South Brunswick High School`s Aquaculture Program

Welcome to South Brunswick High
Aquaculture Facility
South Brunswick High School Aquaculture Program
Philosophy on Teaching Aquaculture
 Run the course like a small business.
 Teach students good work ethics to better equip them
to be able to survive in a global work force.
 To teach students the importance of science,
environmental awareness, responsibility , citizenship,
and service to the community.
 Something for all –from Occu-prep students to APHonor students.
 First High School Aquaculture Program in North Carolina
started by Mose Lewis and the BC School Board in 1987.
Three levels; Aquaculture I, II, and III.
Approved Career Technical Education program to prepare
students for work or post secondary education in
aquaculture related areas of interest.
Educational ladder with Brunswick Community College
Program and UNCW- 2 plus 2 program.
Tech Prep Articulated College Credit with BCC for Aqua III.
Aquaculture Advisory Board from UNCW and NC State.
Network with UNCW , NC State, NC Marine Fisheries, NC
Wildlife, NC Dept. of Agriculture.
Aquaculture Science Book
by Rick Parker
Aquaculture Basics and History
Aquatic Plants and Animals
Marketing Aquaculture
Management practices for Finfish
Management Practices for Crustaceans and Mollusks
Management Practices for Alligators, Frogs, Plants
Fundamentals of Nutrition in Aquaculture
Health of Aquatic Animals
Water Requirements for Aquaculture
Aquatic Structures and Equipment
Aquaculture Business
Federal , State, and International Agencies and Regulations
Career Opportunities in Aquaculture
Boating Safety
Where do they go from here?
Local pet shops
Fish Farms
Ft. Fisher
Ripley's Aquarium
Community Colleges and
Research projects
State and Federal Level jobs in
Aquaculture and Fisheries Biology
Commercial Fishing
Restaurant businesses
Spin off jobs –example: water
testing at waste treatment plants
 Trout (82)
 Catfish (22)
 Striped Bass (12)
 Tilapia (9)
 Freshwater Prawns (9)
Keith Hairr & Dean Raynor at
an NC State Flounder Workshop
 Crawfish (4)
 Southern Flounder (1)
• Clams & Oysters (237 leases)
 Yellow Perch (2)
• Soft Shell Crabs (300 shedders)
 Sturgeon Caviar (1)
• Southern Flounder (1)
 Ornamentals (2)
• Black Sea Bass (1)
South Brunswick High School Aquaculture Program
FFA Community Service Projects
1. Students Help Run King Mackerel
Tournament, Southport, NC
2. Help run BSL Police Department Small Fry
Fishing Tournament
3. Southern Flounder Stock Enhancement
Program, Oak Island, NC
4. Educated Public about Stock
Enhancement through Multimedia
5. Student run exhibit Cape Fear Fair and
Expo/ 19 Years in a row Best in show
6. Participated in research on flounder
shared information with community with
7. Serve as an example on solar energy with
Solar Powered Fish Farm
20 Years Best in
Show Cape Fear Fair
and Expo
Back Row(left to right): Dr. Pruden, superintendent; Jasmine Rabon , Josh Tooley
Front Row(left to right): Courtney Pierce, Kayla Hux, Heather Blanks, Lexi Bridge, Mr. Bey
Recognitions and Awards
•Appeared in three National Aquaculture Documentaries.
•Education feature in “ Insiders guide to the Greater Wilmington Area “ national selling book for last four years.
•Teacher - of - the - Year twice at South Brunswick High School.
•SBHS Aquaculture Program won two NC Governor’s Award - one in education , one in business and technology.
•Conducted community pond stockings of freshwater fish since 1987 for the town of Boiling Springs Lakes.
•1995 - Featured on documentary “Get Hooked on Aquaculture” Sponsored by Harbor Branch Oceanography Institution.
•1995 - Farm Bureau Documentary – Shown on national TV.
•1997 - Awarded $23,000 from Sea Grant to build Fish Farm at South Brunswick High School.
•1999 - Governor’s Award – Local Economic Developer of the year/ Biotechnology.
•2000 - Chosen as a success story in Sea Grant Documentary – Shown on national TV.
•2003 - Made Honorary NC Department of Agriculture / Aquaculture Ambassador by NC Commissioner of Agriculture.
•2004 - 2005 Received $ 250,000 from local bond referendum to build new aquaculture lab.
•2006 - 2007 Allocated $ 38,000 from NC Legislature and BCS Board to add saltwater section to state- of- the- art aquaculture lab.
•2006 - 2009 Did stock enhancement of southern flounder with NC State, UNC-W and North Carolina Marine Fisheries.
•2007 – Featured on national fishing show “Shallow Water Angler” on Outdoor Channel
•2008 - Students created training films to train other students locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.
•2008 - Won prestigious Statewide UNC-W Watson School of Education – Razor Walker Award.
•2008 - Won National Teacher Award-Time Warner Cable Crystal Apple Award.
•2008 - Picked as a feature story on Coastal NC by UNC-Chapel Hill School of mass media and journalism website.
•2008 - Received $19,000 from Sea Grant to evaluate the feasibility of using pond culture for rearing southern flounder.
•2008 - Utilized summer months to prepare 4 ponds for flounder research.
•2008 - 2009 School year- conducted research on southern flounder.
•2009 - Flounder Stocking of Davis Canal on WECT channel 6, and WWAY Channel 3 - featured in international fishing magazine.
•2009 - SBHS Aquaculture featured in Mike Rowes Works Website.
•2010 - Awarded $20,000 panel solar array to run solar powered fish from Progress Energy’s Sun Sense Schools Program.
•2010 - Featured in statewide news, national news, and international news for Progress Energy’s Sun Sense Schools Program.
Canada: 2009 - U.S. high school students into aquaculture
The South Brunswick High School teaches production of southern flounder.
Odd Grydeland
The North Carolina school helps the wild populations of flounders while at the same
time providing valuable knowledge to future fish farmers, according to a WWAY News
Channel 3 report this week; Students at South Brunswick High School said farewell to
some friends Wednesday. They have been raising 300 southern flounder since last spring,
and Wednesday it was time to let them go. It was part of the school's aquaculture
program. With the help of the North Carolina Future Farmers of America and the
Department of Marine Fisheries, South Brunswick became the first high school in the
state to raise and release this type of fish. "Going to the fish farm, and helping with the
fish back there, it helped me learn how to take care of them, and I learned how they're
going to survive in the wild," said South Brunswick student Kayla Hux. South
Brunswick teacher Barry Bey said, "I think it's a great conservation experience. They
had to use a lot about what they learned in my class; water quality, and different ways to
raise fish. I think it'll make them more conservation-minded for the future. For these
students who want to go into this field, it's a great experience." Beaufort County schools
now plan to do the same project in the Pamlico Sound.
Boks 4084 Dreggen
Community Support Network for SBHS Aquaculture Program
from Past to Present
Brunswick County School Board
Fish for tomorrow- Tim Barefoot / Royce Potter- Commercial
fishermen (Financial)
Oak Island Fishing Club – Jerry Dilsilver / NC sportsman
magazine (Financial)
Lady Anglers’ Fishing Club (part of the Oak Island Fishing
Club) (Financial)
Rotary Club- (Dr. Rabon - vet) (Financial)
Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem Saltwater Fishing
Club (Financial)
US Open Mackerel Tournament (Financial)
St. James Fishing Club (Financial)
Long Bay Artificial Reef Association (Bob Black) (Financial)
CCA of NC – Bob Mudlak (Financial )
Myrtle Beach Fishing Club (Financial)
Chamber of Commerce – Karen Sphar (Financial)
Town of Oak Island , Southport, and Boiling Spring Lakes
(Community Support)
NC Wildlife - (Community Support)
NC Marine Fisheries (Consultant Support )
NC State - Dr. Daniels (Consultant Support)
UNCW- Dr. Wade Watanabe, Chris Woolridge, Troy and
Amanda/ Aquaculture Facility – ( Consultant Support)
BCC- Dr. Holland, Chad Gray (Consultant Support)
Sea Grant- Received a $19,203 grant for pond culture of
Southern Flounder (Financial)
Mose Lewis and Judge Ola Lewis (Community Support )
$250,000 from local bond referendum to build state of the art
Aquaculture Lab
Bonner Stiller /Robert Morgan–legislators ( Financial)
Local Media Support from past to present
Channel 3 - (Community Support)
State Port Pilot – (Community Support)
Morning Star News – (Community Support)
Brunswick Beacon-(Community Support)
Insider s Guide to the Greater Wilmington Area (Community
North Carolina’s First High School
Solar Powered Fish Farm
2011 Sea World/Busch Gardens Environmental Excellence Awards
Ongoing Project Title
South Brunswick High School Sun Sense Schools Solar Powered Fish Farm
Brief Summary
South Brunswick High School Aquaculture program, with school wide support including staff, students and
community, rose to the challenge to “go green” to enhance the quality, both in terms of energy
conservation and efficiency of their innovative fish farm. By using solar power for aquaculture to generate
their own electricity, South Brunswick High’s Aquaculture Program is able to provide power for aerators for
their four fish production ponds. South Brunswick High ‘s fish farm facility is presently used for Sea Grant
southern flounder research where students follow research protocol by feeding fish, monitoring water
quality, researching predator controls and recording data of predator attempts with wildlife cameras. Ponds
are also used to raise flounder, catfish, and bluegills for local fresh and saltwater stock enhancement
Sea grant Pilot research project to evaluate the feasibility of using a pond culture aquaculture system for
rearing southern flounder and an evaluation of predator controls at South Brunswick High School’s
Aquaculture Facility.
•Determine success of pond culture of southern flounder in freshwater.
•Prepare students for work in post secondary education in aquaculture related areas of interest.
•Document water quality (Dissolved oxygen, ph, temperature, ammonia, nitrites, hardness, salinity etc.) during study
period of 16 months.
•Have analyzes of pond culture of southern flounder survival, weight gain, water quality fluctuations during study
published by Dr. Daniels for public.
•Compare survival rate of flounder stocked in existing buried chain link fence with gravel trench and bird netting
(provided by SBHSAP) to other 2 ponds with electric fence and bird netting over pond.
•Study effectiveness of predator control methods which included electric fence, netting over ponds versus buried
chain link fence with netting over ponds.
Results of Sea grant research study
•Southern Flounder do not grow well in pure freshwater
•Electric fence around and netting over ponds used to control predators did not work
• Netting over ponds and chain link fence bedded in gravel did work to control predators
•Valuable research experience for our students
Mose Lewis Aquaculture Facility
Otter, Raccoon, Osprey
predator Control
Gravel, fencing, netting ,
electric fence
Rotifer Production System
Brine Shrimp Eggs
Brine Shrimp Hatching
Feeding Brine Shrimp To Flounder Fingerlings
Screens For Flounder Hatching Tanks
Flounder fingerlings
Pellet Trained Flounder
2010-2011 Portable Flounder Hatchery Designed by our students
2010-2011 New project-Tom Jones fish farm –Bethel Rd.
Southport NC
Portable Flounder Hatchery

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