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The Young Leader’s
YL Unit
 District has a
responsibility to set up a
YL Unit
can be shared with
another District (s)
 Led by ESL(YL)
 Different from other ES
YL Unit
 YL’s will experience most of
their Scouting in the Section
they work with
Beavers, Cubs or Scouts
 Will probably not meet as
frequently as other ES Units
 Still have access to the wider
District ES programme
YL Programme
 11 training modules
one compulsory
ten optional
each lasting 90 - 120
 Four annual projects
 Leaders resource
 YL factsheets
Delivery of modules
 Many options
run as a weekend course
cover one module in an evening
• every week for 8 weeks
• one module every session (three
Split elements of the modules up
• deliver bits as part of the Unit
YL factsheets
 Written to support most
 Written in language appropriate
to age range
 Available to fit Navigator file
from Scoutbase
Young Leader’s Essentials
 Introductory chapters covering:
outline of the scheme
operation of the YL Unit
the role of the ESL (YL)
methods of delivery of the
details of the project work
Leaders’ support material
 Each module contains:
equipment needed
suggested content
suggested method of delivery
presenters’ notes
BSL/CSL/SL factsheets
 Explanation of the YL scheme
 The role of the YL in the
 Their role and responsibilities in
the scheme
 How they can best support a
Young Leader working in their

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