The Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program

C-STEP (The Carolina Student Transfer
Excellence Program) as a Model for
Effective Community College/University
Collaborative Advising
Stacy R. Edwards
Academic Advising Program
The University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
Purpose of this presentation
• To introduce academic advisors and
administrators to the academic advising
component of the C-STEP model
• Discuss collaborative advising efforts
between a two-year and a four-year
selective institution
• Discover ways to implement activities for
transfer students at your respective
What is C-STEP?
• One of eight programs in the country
developed under the Community College
Transfer Initiative (CCTI) and funded by
the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
• Designed to prepare students for the
academic and social challenges they will
face when they move from the community
college to the University through
collaborative advising and the
establishment of social networks
What is C-STEP?
• Partnership between UNC-Chapel Hill and
three neighboring community colleges—
Durham Technical Community College,
Alamance Community College, and Wake
Technical Community College
• Targets high-achieving students of low to
moderate income from the 3 community
colleges and guides them through the two
year process of achieving their Associate’s
degree and subsequent transfer to UNCCH
What is C-STEP?
• Admission guaranteed to C-STEP
participants as junior transfers if GPA is
3.0 or higher
• Admission not guaranteed to professional
schools, i.e. School of Education, School
of Public Health, etc
• This is NOT a scholarship program—
funding not necessary
• To date, there are 53 C-STEP students
enrolled at UNC-CH with an additional 81 at
the partner community colleges (41 students
will be entering Fall 2009)
• Fall 2006: The first cohort at UNC-CH;
consisted of 7 students; 6 have graduated!
• Fall 2007: 28 students matriculated to UNCCH; 1 December graduate!
• Fall 2008: 28 students matriculated to UNCCH
• C-STEP academic performance
North Carolina’s Comprehensive
Articulation Agreement (CAA)
• 16 public institutions in the UNC system
and 58 community colleges in NC
• Allows for ‘articulation’ of general
education requirements between
The Major
• For students under the CAA, the
Associate’s degree fulfills the majority of
the General Education requirements at
– Exceptions: Foreign language (3 levels
required); Lifetime Fitness; Any
prerequisites/Major courses
• UNC-CH Academic worksheets –
planning ahead in the beginning
• Community College Plan of Study
Getting Ready for Transfer
• Academic workshops held for 1st year and 2nd
year C-STEP students while at the community
college: Choosing a Major, Curriculum
workshops, etc. Held in Fall and Spring
• Individual advising meetings and emails
• Late spring: Meet with incoming C-STEP junior
transfers, complete official academic
worksheets, review courses needed for their
first semester
• Connecting students with faculty mentors
C-STEP Schedule of Events for Fall 2008
Tuesday August 12
11 am
271 Collins,
Durham Tech
Friday September 5
1 pm
Meet with UNC
273 Collins,
Durham Tech
Thursday September 12
5 – 7 pm
Kick off dinner
Friday Center,
Saturday October 11
UNC Football Game
Kenan Stadium,
Friday November 21
11:30 am
Carolina Brewery,
Franklin Street
In addition to the schedule above, students are required to meet with their advisor at the
community college on a monthly basis
Examples of Programming at UNCCH
• Special summer orientation for incoming
C-STEP junior transfers
• Peer and Faculty Mentors
• Faculty Mentor/Mentee “Meet and Greet”
• Beginning of the year “Kick Off Dinner”
with all 4 C-STEP cohorts
• Monthly meetings organized around a
particular theme
It takes a University…
• Other UNC-CH offices involved in CSTEP:
– Office of Undergraduate Admissions**
– University Career Services
– Office of Student Academic Counseling
– Office of New Student and Parent
– Office of Scholarships and Student Aid
– Housing and Residential Education
What are the Benefits of C-STEP???
Benefits of C-STEP: the Student
Without C-STEP I would have been a fish
out of water so to speak. With the people I
met in the program, I felt I was part of a
team whose main objective was to change
the world as well as graduate. Having a
group of people who not only understand
you, but believe in you makes all the
difference in success rates.
Lauren, Anthropology Major
2007 cohort
Graduating Senior!
Benefits of C-STEP: the Student
C-STEP is like a family or support group at Carolina. I
would feel a little misplaced at Carolina because the
campus is so big and the student population is HUGE.
As a transfer student you usually know NO ONE when
you enter as a junior and it is sometimes more difficult to
make new friends. With C-STEP you already have a
familiar face on campus with you, and when you run into
them, it usually brightens your day. Carolina is a great
and tough school and sometimes making friends and
study partners isn't the first thing on your mind so it gets
LaChaun, International Studies Major
2008 cohort
Benefits of C-STEP: the Student
The C-STEP program has helped me by
boasting my confidence in my academic abilities
and in myself, and by providing relief by knowing
that my future is going unfolding in an
auspicious direction. The relief of knowing where
I was going with my life after community college
was immeasurable.
David, Communication Studies Major
2008 Cohort
Benefits of C-STEP: the Student
Had I not participated in C-STEP, I would not be at UNC.
Before I knew of C-STEP, I had no further ambition than
to graduate from ACC. Because of C-STEP, I have a
much larger support group, which has been integral in
my surviving my first semester and the transition to UNC
from a community college. I am very grateful for the
program and the opportunity that it has provided to me in
achieving a level of education that I felt was beyond my
ability to obtain before I entered the program. It is an
opportunity that I hope to put to good use in making a
better future for not only myself and my daughter, but my
community and if I think really ambitiously, the world.
Nancy, Latin American Studies Major
2008 cohort
Stacy R. Edwards
Senior Academic Advisor/
C-STEP Advising Liaison
Academic Advising Program
College of Arts and Sciences
and the General College
UNC-Chapel Hill
(919) 843-8921
[email protected]

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