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Macon County
Preschool Programs
Amy Anders, Preschool Coordinator
A Nurturing Environment for Every
Children with Disabilities
 School systems are required to provide special education
services when a child with a disability turns three years old
 We provide classroom based services in private daycares,
in church preschools, in homes, in our classrooms, and in
our preschool office currently located in Iotla Valley
 These services include special education, speech therapy,
physical therapy, occupational therapy, and vision services
 Special Recognition for David Rusch and Marcia Cummings
NC Pre-K (formerly known as More
@ Four)
 We have had NC Pre-K funding in our county for several
 This has provided an opportunity for children who are four
years of age and ‘at- risk’ an opportunity to attend a state
funded preschool to get ready for Kindergarten
 We have one dedicated NC Pre-K Classroom at
Cartoogechaye Elementary
 Special Recognition for Dale Honey and Angela Bowen
 As our county has grown and our population of
children with special needs has grown, we’ve needed
more appropriate and efficient ways to provide
comprehensive services to our preschool children
with disabilities
 The conversation started about five years ago
 Paula Ledford, EC Director, was willing to address the
The Answer!
Blended Funding Classrooms
 Funding includes:
 Developmental Day for students with disabilities
 NC Pre-K is income based and for children
determined to be at risk
 Private Pay offered first to school employees and
spots are offered for $325 per month (much less than
other preschools in the area)
 This year we will hopefully generate funds to cover
the cost of our classrooms, including salaries.
 One classroom at South Macon Elementary
 One classroom at Iotla Valley Elementary
 Second classroom opening at Iotla Valley Elementary in
 We implement a 1 teacher to 6 children ratio
 We aim for a ratio of 50% children with disabilities and 50%
children who are typically functioning
 Children with disabilities cover a wide spectrum
 Developmental Day and NC Pre K classes are held at the
highest standard of license by the Division of Child
Development and require a minimum of a 4 star ECERS
 Licensing is a very rigorous process and we appreciate the
help of Kara Jones with Division of Child Development, the
building and food inspectors from the Health Department,
the principals and APs that have helped get the classrooms
and playgrounds ready, and mostly the staff in the
classrooms that have gone the extra mile to make sure we
meet all of the requirements in such a short period of time.
 South Macon Special Recognition: Meagan Rogers,
Stephanie Kinsland, Amanda Cochran, Melinda
Carpenter-- They recently received a score of 6.32 from ECERS (state
star-licensing organization)
 Iotla Valley Special Recognition: Sheena Hughes, Kim
Stanley, Jamie Mingacci, and Anna Houston
 They will be assessed by ECERS after Christmas Break
Successful Preschool Interactions for
All Children!
 Teachers are implementing curriculum and tracking
progress for all children
 IEP goals are being targeted for children with
 Optimal collaboration with speech therapists,
occupational therapists and physical therapists to
create a maximum learning environment
 Every child benefits!
Current Status
Some of the children receive dual funding from DD and
NC Pre K
 Cartoogechaye- 18 NC Prek slots
 South Macon- 18 children---6 Private Pay, 8 DD, 4 NC
 IVE- 16 children—5 DD, 5 private pay, 6 NC Prek
 New Classroom opening January 7 with 11 NC Pre K, 23 Developmental Day slots
Video and Questions
 If you would like more information, feel
free to contact me!
 Amy Anders, Preschool Coordinator
 828-524-2938
 828-342-0798
 [email protected]

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