Grade 7 - Reading Play WNY121213

Reading Play
U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Grade 7 Referee Course
Amateur Adult Training
Reading Play
o Reading play
o What the referee team does in relation to
team tactics and strategies
o Positioning and tool box
o Principles of play
o Attack
o Defense
Principles of Attack
o Attack
o Penetration
o Support
o Mobility
o Width
o Creativity
Principles of Defense
o Defense
o Pressure
o Delay
o Support and cover
o Balance
o Compactness
o Control and restraint
o Counterattack
Tactical Awareness
o Systems of play
o Styles of play
o General tactics
o Restarts
o Set pieces
o Marking
o Off the ball
o Substitutions
Systems of Play
o Common formations
o 4-4-2
o 4-3-3
o 3-4-3
o 3-5-2
o 4-5-1
Styles of Play
o Possession
o Direct
o Wide play
o Counterattack
o Individual playmakers
o High pressure
o Quick or ceremonial
o Observe
o Kicker
o Ball
o Defenders
o Must be able to see assistant referee
o Goal scoring opportunities
Set Pieces
o Restarts
o Set Pieces
o Wall
o Placement
o Management
o Proactive
o Positioning
o Tool box
o 1 on 1
o Close contact
o Retaliation
o Neutralization
o Zonal
o Close down attackers
o Speed and distance
o Offside
Off the Ball
o Movement
o Off the ball
o Impacts options for player on the ball
o Principles of play
o Attack
o Defense
o Read the play
o More proactive, less reactive
o Game changes
o Factors
o Tactical or injury
o Timing
o Player(s) entering the game
o Strengths and weaknesses
o Anticipated impact
o More proactive, less reactive
o Positioning
o Flexible
o Intelligence
o Laws of the Game expert
o Must know the game of soccer
o Proactive and anticipate
o Positioning and tool box
Review Question
o Will having a general understanding of the
teams’ tactics better prepare referees to
position themselves effectively during the
o Yes
o No
Review Question
o Being able to recognize the tactical changes
that result from substitutions will allow officials
to be which of the following?
o Less involved and more patient
o Less reactive and more proactive
Review Question
o What are some general tactics that referees
working the amateur adult game should be
familiar with?
o Set pieces
o Marking
o Off the ball
o All of the above
Review Question
o Which of the following is not associated with
reading play?
o Positioning
o Use of the tool box
o Being proactive
o Professional appearance

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