Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Spain Looks Westward
“What elements of a society’s
worldview might lead to a desire to
create an empire?”
• Read story page193
• What factors do you think influence
Christopher Columbus to want to set out on
his voyage?
• Fame, fortune, find unknown, etc
• Why might the Spanish monarchs have been
reluctant to support him?
• Other European leaders had turned him down,
he wasn’t Spanish, they didn’t trust him, they
thought his plan wouldn’t succeed, the cost
was too high, it could look foolish.
Section 1: Geography and Religion
• “Geography controls everything” True or false – small
group discussion( you need to have support for your
• Read page 196- 197 page 200 complete T-chart on the
positive and negative impact of Muslim rule
• List 2 reasons why the Muslims lost control of Spain.
• How does geography affect how we live? Write a
saying that applies to the impact of geography in our
lives and draw a picture to go along with it. (For
example, Snow rules! With a visual with a snowplow
stuck in a snow drift)
Section 2: Creating a Christian Spain
• In what ways did Ferdinand and Isabella
impose their religious worldview on Spanish
• How could someone impose their worldview
on others?
• Read aloud the opening paragraph on page
• How do certain people and events can have a
strong influence on others.
• read pages 203 and 204
• When is expulsion necessary? – Define what expulsion
means. Is the expulsion of students from school ever
justified? What about the expulsion of citizens from a
country? Can you think of examples of citizen being
expelled from an area?
• Notes: Ferdinand and Isabella: Heroes or Villains?
• Read aloud and pages 205 and 206, “Saving Souls.”
• Why do you think Ferdinand and Isabella were so
determined to force their worldview on others.
• Why do they think the people of Spain went along with
• Reflection (persuasive paragraph): Do you think
Ferdinand and Isabella’s actions during the Spanish
Requisition were justified? Support your answer with
details and examples.

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