Amy Le, AnhDao Nguyen, Quan
Ngo, Arad Goudarzi & Joo Pak
SB 493
- Pharmacist can furnish prescription
medications for traveling purposes
- Medications that do not require diagnosis to
be given
- For prophylaxis only when traveling outside
of the US
Requirements for pharmacists to provide service
- Licensed pharmacists in California
- Access to the Travel Medication resources
- Optional: CE/Certificate courses
● USC International Travel Medicine
Review Certificate Course (ACPEaccredited)
- Access to the Travel Medication resources
Shoreland: Travax, Travel Clinic Operations Guide,
Travel and Routine Immunizations (“Blue Book”)
CDC: Health information for internal travel
(“Yellow Book”)
CDC: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (“Pink Book”)
WHO: International Travel and Health (“Green
What products/services are
Mostly for prevention of diseases
Consultation and prescription medications that does
not require diagnosis, including:
- Traveler’s Diarrhea
- Altitude illness
- Jet lag
- Motion sickness
- Malaria self-treatment
Steps to make this service a reality
in our pharmacy
Having a designated consultation area in our pharmacy
Advertise around our community about our travel medicine services with
business flyers
Visiting travel agency to promote our services
Target Groups:
o Individual or group travelers
o Student travelers
o Travel agents
o Corporate travel directors
o Primary care providers
o Specialty retail outlets
May or may not be covered with private insurance
Some insurance plans will allow you to bill new
(99201-99205) and established (99211-99215) patient
E&M service for travel medicine visits.
Other plans might allow you to bill outpatient
consultation E/M service codes (99241-99245) if
patients have referrals from their primary care
If not covered, patient needs to pay out-of-pocket

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