Year 8 Homework 1: Research Task – Sustainable Design

What does sustainable design mean? Find out the definition of this:
How does the image above affect you and the environment you live in?
Why do you feel this way? Provide examples to back your arguments.
Take an existing product that
becomes waste, and use the
materials or parts for another
purpose without changing its
original form
Don’t use a material or buy a
product if you think you don’t need
it or if its unsustainable.
Minimise the amount of material and
energy you use
Ask whether we can sustain our
current way of life and the way we
design and make
When a product breaks down or
does not function properly try to fix
Take an existing product that has
become waste and reprocess the
material to use in a new product.
Shopping bags – How does your family get your food shopping home?
Packaging- how does this impact the environment?
Plastic bags are made from oil which is a natural source which
is unsustainable. Plastic bags take up to 500 years to decay
Paper bags could be use but easily get wet and have to be transported i.e., in a
car. An alternative is a organically sourced, fair traded hemp or cotton bag but
if you have heavy shopping it still as to be transported by a car.
It is estimated that an astounding 500 tons of Calong with 25 million bin liners
full of plastic wrapping, drink bottles, and broken toys. What is worse is that
this is in the UK alone – and while the numbers are bound to be higher in the
United States of America, one thing that won’t be is the small amount of refuse
that is actually recyclable
Christmas tree lights will be thrown away,
IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE? In the space below design a solution, taking
into consideration and of the 2 of the 6’s from the previous page.
Fully annotate your thought process using Access FM.
IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE? In the space below design a solution, taking into
consideration will your design reduce the amount of materials used in typical gift
present on the packaging.
Incorporate the swirl logo into the packaging.

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