Presentation to Stephen Timms

Working Group Status
July 08
Architecture & Framework
Network Structure
Systems & Processes
Interconnect & Portfolio
Line Access
Point to Point
Implementation & Migration
Network Structure
RAG Status: Green
Key Issues
Key Milestones:
July Achievements
• Technical workshop for WVC set up, will run in
• MSAN to POSI mapping relationship reviewed with CPs
and issues resolved
• Briefing completed on recent decision to use MPLS PWs
for delivering downstream Ethernet services
• Uncertainty surrounding BT multi line voice
solutions to replace ISDN in the longer
• Some CPs expressed concern that WBCC
trialists have not been publicly identified
August Work plan
• Complete work on Accessibility of Inventory datasets
• Preparation for WVC technical workshop
• Initiate work on Destination Groups and Numbering Plans
Time (G)
Cost (G)
Quality (G)
Information (G)
Satisfaction (A)
Systems & Processes (S&P)
Key Milestones
June/July 2008 Achievements
S&P (now including 21C Customer Experience (21C CE)):
Main activity in this period was to report back on key areas of customer impacting progress from our
CE programme. The report available @ includes a detailed
report back on the issues and requirements raised at the January 21C CE event.
A bilateral customer review of the 21CN order portal was held on the 25th June. Further ones can be
arranged at customer request.
The new online BTW customer roadmap @ has been updated
and formally launched. It now has over 60 users from major and smaller CPs alike. A web call to
review the roadmap on the 1st July received very positive feedback and further feedback would be
appreciated, either via the feedback button or direct to [email protected]
The T2R XML (generic) schema standard, L2C standard and user story requirements have been
approved for publication. The location and address identification principles document has completed
its formal review and will be published shortly once all the comments have been dealt with
Four NICC B2B meetings were held in this period to progress the work programme for 2008 based
on highest priority industry issues. These and the meeting schedule is as follows:
1. Complete work on L2C standards and T2R generic schema.
23rd June
2. Priority work items for 2008:
Location/Address matching
23rd June
Appointing/Arranging access:
12th June & 23rd June
Service Inventory & Catalogue
9th July
Billing high volume/calls workshop
21st July
A programme of 3 workshops and 3 audios is being planned for billing starting in September
For other items and further details see NICC B2B review page
Continue work on international standards alignment with TNF, OBF, ITU, etc
All CPs are encouraged to comment and contribute to the work. Please contact
[email protected] for more information or visit the web site
RAG Status Green
Key Issues (For Discussion)
Issues discharged from here to the relevant WG, ie I&M WG in
most cases.
July/Aug/Sept 2008 Work plan
S&P WG/21CCE: The next in a series of 21C CE events will be arranged once a review of the
programme is complete. These will kick off with information sharing web calls followed up with
experts groups where required.
Details of NICC B2B meetings listed above can be found on web site.
The S&P WG would continue to provide support to I&M WG on operational support systems issues
as DSP progresses and product WGs as required.
Time (G)
Cost (G)
Quality (G)
Customer Information
Sat. (G)
Interconnect & Portfolio
RAG Status Amber
Key Milestones
Key Issues (For Discussion)
July Achievements
• Indicative SVLAN pricing presented
RAG status now Amber
Proposal to replace Extension SVLANs
with an inter-tandem usage product.
• NGN CC Billing Guide & Product Description updated
August Work plan
• Review indicative SVLAN pricing in light of comments received
• Continue with NGN CC Interoperability development (Sept 10th)
• Progress NGN CC / MSIL trial preparations - subsequently
deferred until September due to CP request not to start until
minimum 12 months before launch
• Progress discussions on NGN CC contracts (Sept 16th)
• VIC Consultation – re-issue document incorporating CP feedback
• Define technical and commercial traffic for test environment in
Time (G)
Cost (G)
Quality (G)
Customer Information
Sat. (A)
Line Access
RAG Status: Amber
Key Issues
Key Milestones:
June Achievements
•21 CN Deployment plan presented
•WBCC/WVC presented
•Ownership of WVC agreed
•Further update on WBCC product development and project
•Technology trial of WBCC discussed
• Further work is required in NICC to
support VLA phase 2. Industry are
concerned that the publication of
NICC standards may be on the
critical path due to CP resources
July Work plan
•Technical and Commercial workshop on WBCC/WVCC
•Briefing paper on IP Multi Line Voice
•Re issue the industry Con doc on ISDN requirements
•MSIL issues to be resolved
•Pathfinder presentation
Time (A)
Cost (A)
Quality (A)
Information (A)
Satisfaction (A)
Point to Point as of 24rd July 08
Key Milestones
July Achievements
RAG Status Red
Key Issues (For Discussion)
Continued TDM exerts group
July WG held with 3 CPs in attendance, progress made on
MSIL issues but TDM issues remain
August Work plan
Next meeting set for 22nd August as an audio, will seek next
face to face to be a deep dive on TDM aspects in
Report back on (postponed) MSIL inter-product meeting
Report back on exchange management further progress with
meeting due on 14th August
Time (R)
Cost (G)
• Exchange Openings and Closures. No
update this month although workshop is
set for 14th August, noted PPC product line
responded to West Kensington closure but
await Ethernet products to follow suite
• Concerns over lack of industry
engagement in responding to 10G MSIL
variations needed, but required 10G
pricing (inc. resilience) to move this on,
MSIL resilience proposals made in
principle and will be debated through at
BB WG in detail
• There is a potential dispute between BT
and CPs over what constitutes mutual
interconnect and this has implications on
space allocation, BTW RAD now engaged –
still await BT definitions
• TDM fease for 21CN PPCs based on EOO
not EOI, regulatory position needs to be
clarified, expected design update not
Quality (G)
Customer Information
Sat. (G)
RAG Status: Amber
Key Issues
Key Milestones:
July Achievements
• IPstream Sunsetting CONDOC has delivered 12 formal responses
so far, with 3 CP bi-laterals also completed.
• SDSL ‘Requirements Capture’ CONDOC has 5 formal responses for
far, with a couple more expected.
• WBMC Roadmap Priorities briefing has also generated 5 responses
so far
August Work plan
• Next Working Group is to be held on 1st July and will include:
• IPSC Launch Pricing/Ts&Cs
• WBCC/WVC Update
• CONDOC feedback and next steps
• Update on Datasets
• Conclude the IPstream Sunsetting and SDSL CONDOCs
• Start WBC Closure Consultation
• Issue next Datastream Sunsetting CONDOC
• Content Connect engagement and review of proposed
commercial/technical models
Time (A)
Cost (G)
• IPSC Launch Pricing (not due until notification at
beginning of July)
• Confirmed date for WBMC consuming IPSC
• DDQ & Real-time elements of WBC Indicative
Launch pricing
WBC DDQ pricing is key to a successful
consultation on IPstream & Datastream
sunsetting – DDQ requirements capture
workshop held on 26th June and a number
of follow-up sessions planned to tackle
key requirements/concerns
Quality (G)
Information (A)
Satisfaction (A)
Implementation & Migration (&CT)
Key Milestones
RAG Status Amber
Key Issues (for discussion)
June/July Achievements
• Completed options evaluation for Pathfinder 1 with outcome that
Pathfinder formally re-starts circa October 2008
• Two CPs participating in early migrations in Wick & Bedlinog over summer
to continue operational learning (first 17 lines migrated in Wick on 17/07) 2.
• Continued bi-laterals with CPs to support migration process design
• Pre-migration scheduling proposal shared with CPs for moving forward on
Pathfinder 1 (bi-laterals to follow)
• CPE risk mitigation communications plan progressed
July/August Work plan
• Complete pre-migration surveys to create benchmark for Pathfinder 1
evaluation process
• Complete small migrations in Bedlinog and Wick during August and
continue learning review
• Publish definitions & roadmaps for Pathfinder activity (C21-IM-013) in
support of 21CN Deployment Plan & BT/CP discussions to date
• Formally agree approach to pre-migration scheduling for remainder of
Pathfinder sites and evaluation process to underpin longer term solution
for TCP fit & Grooming.
• Review Migration portal capability roadmap @ August IMWG
Time (A)
Cost (G)
Quality (G)
Pathfinder 1 schedule to
be published (by end of
Clarity required on
Pathfinder 2 inc
timeframes, scope and
key activities
Further clarity is required
on ISDN timeframes,
migration dates and
methodologies that relate
to CPs and end
Pre-migration scheduling
solution required for
national migration
including PSTN & ISDN
Fit for purpose MCC
portal and handbook in
place for start of PF
Satisfaction (G)
Pathfinder 1: Operational Readiness (17/7/08)
BTW actions taken to move to green
Network &
• complete stability and service regression testing
Service Testing
Status Actions for CPs
•Schedule time at BT Test facility
as required from 14th June
• Migration Customer Experience run through to be
undertaken as a reminder for CPs
• BT to determine how Bedlinog & Wick will be
notified through the MCC portal
• Pre-migration schedule published
• 21CN Flag available (included in RS800)
• Emergency and critical process review with CPs
• Confirm regression process & SLAs
• Ensure appropriate personnel
attend ‘reminder’
webinar/operational readiness
wargames & any processes
• Use pre-migration schedule to
brief end users on outages
• Complete systems development
activity to use 21CN voice flag
• BT Compliance statement against Industry
Business Continuity Requirements reviewed and
accepted by TIEPF
End User
• Approach to be confirmed on comms specific to
Bedlinog & Wick end users and any lines
proactively groomed as a result of CPE
compatibility issues
CPs will be responsible for all
comms at Wick & Bedlinog (as
agreed through Comms WG)
• Mitigation based on BT engagement with CPE
Industry Associations directly [underway]
• BT/CP workshop to agree mitigation plan [18/4]
• CP Communications to support mitigation plan
Use the communications provided
and brief their customer facing
teams on CPE compatibility
plans, risks and processes
Interconnect Route Migration (DLE offload
via VICs) Review
Status Element
• BT has completed formal VIC
Consultation closure process
through IPWG – no objections
• CMRs are now available to CPs
through the DEDs system on a
weekly basis
• Good feedback from CPs that
transfer process now operating
• Completion of T3a activity by final
CPs will give final validation that all
green elements can be moved to
blue for complete
• Progressing early visibility of DLE
Offload schedule (6-12 months) to
facilitate early start to the
Update/Next Steps
Admin Phase No o/S issues noted
No o/S issues noted
• T1& T2 transfers complete.
• T3a/b & 4 commenced with
all CPs signed up for 3a
Post Transfer Action:
CMRs to be analysed,
reviewed and fixes applied.
Billing accuracy for VIC
circuits and usage is now
key issue
Update: 24/06/08
Migration Communications
July 08 achievements
Webcalls –webcall held on BTW’s Customer Roadmap on 1st July, 44 attendees on the call. Positive have increased log in
requests for the Roadmap.
Programme of this year knowledge sharing webcalls is being agreed.
Planning started for the first quarterly update webcall on the DSP, Voice Strategy and Consult21 working group updates.
Other information:
Communications working group have agreed that no communications will be sent for Wick and Bedlinog migrations.
Communications will commence from Nelson onwards and changes are being made to the door drop and visuals.
Expert groups:
Reseller communications experts group held 31st July – general update given.
Corporate communications experts group held 18th July – edit session to corporate communications pack (see below)
Corporate communications:
The corporate communications material is close to completion, the pack will be issued to the experts group for final review and
will then be issued. The pack contains:
- Presentation.
- Brochure – in PDF, in switched-on corporate branding template.
- Memo – for IT directors (or equivalent role) to use internally
- Q&A pack – which provides a level of technical detail
Following requests, a word version of the brochure and a white labelled version of the presentation will also be created. Once
finalised the material will be posted onto the corporate area of the Consult21 website.
Time status remains
at amber
status until
plans are
finalised –
which are
very shortly.
Our three Carlson contacts, Chris Mather, Catherine O’Leary and Ian Dalton, have moved on. Two new contacts, Hugo Firth
and Stuart Hamilton will be introduced to the working groups shortly.
August 08 work plan
1st August – main Communications working group scheduled.
Full planning on the quarterly update webcall.
Final issue of the corporate
communications material
Time (A)
Cost (G)
Quality (G)
Customer Information
Sat. (G)
Contracts (MSA) as of 10th July 08
Key Milestones
June/July Achievements
RAG Status Amber
Set the MSA general T&Cs and appendix 1 and Appendix 4
(Definitions and Billing sections) as base lined ready for
formal review.
• Progress made but require evidence
on product launch process giving
timely contractual documentation for
next set of product launches
Key Issues (For Discussion)
July/August Work plan
Plan engagement calendar for formal review using agreed
review guidelines
Follow up call between industry & MSIL product manager to
conclude service specific comments
Initiate formal MSA MSIL review
Gain internal sign off for eventual external publication of a
MSA strategy document
Time (A)
Cost (G)
Quality (G)
Customer Information
Sat. (G)
WG Issues & RAGs
Working Group Issues are defined as problems that are within the WG scope and will impede the progress of the WG
and cannot be totally resolved, without delaying known milestones, by the WG without outside help.
The outside help will be triggered by a formal escalation. Any WG that has one or more escalations currently flagged will
be deemed to be in status Red (shown against time indicator). If an issue has the potential to delay a key milestone it
should raise an Amber status flag, but no formal escalation will be raised. Once the escalation has been dealt with and
appropriate guidance given the escalation will be closed and the WG status will revert.
Other WG RAG status influences will be: Cost, Quality & Customer Satisfaction & Information, as in table below.
Agreed key milestone date
cannot be met
Agreed key milestone date in
All milestones on track
Cost (resource)
WG failing due to lack of
WG requires extra resource
No additional resource required
for WG
WG failing against Key
Processes Indicators (KPIs)
WG KPIs in jeopardy
All KPIs on track
Customer Sat.
Overall customer satisfaction
rated as poor
Overall customer satisfaction
rated as average
Overall customer satisfaction
rated as good
Content not agreed causing
critical delays
Content agreed but delivery date
not agreed
Required content (to be)
delivered to time

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