School of Technology

Project Lead The Way Laboratory
Civil Engineering & Architecture
The following Project Lead The Way
laboratory design was developed by
technology education majors at Purdue
University as part of their IT: 471
course “Managing the Technology
Education Laboratory” instructed by
Dr. George E. Rogers
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Project Lead the Way laboratory
As Presented by:
Mark Drelicharz
CJ Shields
Adam Acton
PLTW is a pre-engineering curriculum designed to
introduce students to the concepts of engineering at the
middle school level and let that understanding grow
through numerous elective classes in high school
It is a part of Technology Education in the state of Indiana
– It has not replaced Technology Education; it is a
supplement to the Technology Education in the
traditional sense .
CEA Curriculum
Composed of 7 different units
Includes objectives
Activities to reinforce learning
Design buildings, gain understanding of
structural components, research architectural
styles, environmental effect research
Classroom Objectives
• Students will understand how projects are designed
and how the demands of a project are constantly
changing and evolving
• Students will evaluate the impact that the
construction site will have on the environment, and
take into consideration wastewater, legal issues,
utility regulations, and the flow of people to the site.
• Students will gain an understanding for the process
an architect completes when designing a building
Basic Classroom Information
36” from computer desk to computer desk
Total square footage = 1728
Roughly 86 sq feet per student
Lighting ballast every third ceiling tile
Bus duct overhead with dropdown power
Remote broadcast system for computers
– Enables instructor to ‘take over’ all or individual
student’s computer
Safety Concerns
• As with any Technology
Education laboratory, there
are always going to be some
concerns for student safety.
However, by utilizing a preengineering setting many of
the safety concerns from an
old Industrial Arts or “shop”
classroom have been
reduced or in many cases
Dangerous Processes
Students will be required to wear ANSI approved safety classes
at all times when they are not sitting at a computer desk
Students will wear ANSI approved elbow length heat resistant
gloves and use ANSI tongs when removing items from the oven
Students will be given proper instruction in the use, care, and
storage of X-acto knives
In order to avoid repetitive stress injury students will be
encouraged to take frequent breaks when viewing the computer
screen or typing for long periods of time
The world is vastly changing and the need for a
pre-engineering classroom in the digital world
is a must.
Leading the Way In K-12 Engagement

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