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AOA Presentation
Wayne State University, SOM
USMLE Logistics
– General Principles (aka YEAR I)
– Pathophysiology (aka YEAR 2)
– Behavior Sciences (what would the ideal doctor do?)
“While not all topics listed in the content outline are
included in every examination, overall content
coverage is comparable in the various examination
forms that will be taken by different examinees”
USMLE Logistics
• 15 min tutorial
– If you skip it WILL add to the total time for the test
(NBME keeps saying that they will stop this eventually)
• 60 min of each block of 50 questions
– 1hr per block (This is designed to help you!)
– If you finish early it WILL add to the total test time
– But each block CANNOT exceed 60 min
– Always remember: 1 question per minute
• 45 min break time
– DO take a break between blocks, even 5 or 10 minutes
– EAT LUNCH and bring snacks
USMLE Application
Services for Medical Students & Graduates
NBME Licensing Examination Services Website
• Submit the Verification Form to student affairs
• “Scheduling number” & “CIN” will be emailed to you
• Use scheduling number for Prometric Scheduling
• Use CIN to take the test (CIN = candidate id number)
– You need a valid photo ID with the name that “exactly” matches that
on your scheduling permit
USMLE Scheduling
• 3 month window to schedule
– $480 for Step I
• Schedule the exam ~1-2 weeks prior to 3rd yr
– Now: built-in 5 “summer break” days (?)
– ~5-6 weeks to study
• Troy: 8am testing time
• Livonia: 10am testing time
• University of Toledo, Chicago, etc
– Visit the testing site before the test!!!
Steps to Prepare
• Define a goal and stick to it
– Beat the mean (usu. ~220) vs one SD above (~240)
– (Results & Data, Match Outcomes
• Make a schedule
– Crammable subjects? (ie micro, pharm, biochem)
– Be open to revising your schedule if absolutely
necessary but stick to an overall plan as much as
– “Do the things you hate”
• Choose your books & stick with them!
– BRS Path vs. Robbins vs. Kaplan vs. other books
The Long Haul
• How many weeks are you going to study?
– Do you need break time?
– Important events?
What books will you use?
What question bank? Tutor or Timed mode?
Coffee shop/Home/Library?
Study partner?
Practice test or not?
How are you going to keep your motivation?
Question Banks
• Kaplan Qbank
– >2000 questions, representative, expensive
• USMLE World
– >2000 questions, well-liked, more affordable
• NBME Practice tests
– Helps you “feel out” the center, from “the source”
• Other question books
– How many do you need?!?
Test Day Itself
• “You always remember your first”
• The goal is to show up and feel prepared
– Not just ready to take the test, but that you’ve
done everything you can to reach your goal
• Have a plan of attack before you show up
• Bring IDx2 (just in case), lunch, a sweater, etc
• Know what you’re like the day before an exam
The TEST Itself
• “Multiple step questions”
– Each step is easy so just make them 1 at a time!
• This is a thinking test, not a knowledge test
– Have to know it and then be able to do it at a rate
of 1question/minute for 7hrsbe a machine
• Manage your time: check pace at #25 & #10
– Only mark 2-3 questions at most per block
• Read the question 1st vs the whole stem?
• Video questions this year?
• Passing Score is 185
– Answering ~60-70% questions correct
– 2006 passing rate was 95%
– 2007 average was 218, SD 23

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