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Explore Current and New
Workflows for Scholar Services
2013 User’s Conference
Jason Baumgartner, IU
Ned Hummel, IUPUI
• Current Use
– E-Form Groups J-1, H-1B, O-1, TN and PR
– E-Form Based
• Keystone E-Form
• Scholar completed E-Forms as a limited user
– Alert Driven
• E-Form based alerts
– Manual Monitoring of Processes
• Indiana University as a Case Study
E-Form Group Based
Scholar completed
E-Forms as a limited user
Keystone E-Form
Keystone E-Forms
are nowdecoupled
from alerts
Alert Based Tracking
• Future Use
– Checklist Based
– Task & Stage Driven
– Context in Overall Process
– Automated Contextual Communications
– Continued use of E-Form Groups
– Current Work
• Indiana University as a Case Study
Initial/Transfer Application Process
• How many of you attended Checklist Training?
• Show Draft IUPUI Flowchart
Checklist Based
New entries appear
whenever the Case
Tracker is refreshed
Checklist Based
View and Approve
E-Forms and Tasks
Email Directly
from Checklist
Filter on Anything
Tasks can be Stage Specific
Viewable on Client Record
Automated Contextual
Automated Contextual
Continued Use of
E-Form Groups
Any E-Form Submitted
from E-Form group
Puts Scholar on
Current Work
• We will start to share checklists within shareable
part of community as IU goes live over the next
several months
• Additional Scholar Specific development is
Transparency of process for scholar and department
Review of Data Feed and Existing Alerts
New Checklist Extensions
New Services and Integration Capabilities
Questions? Suggestions?

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