Why did the Europeans need to seek new trade routes?

Amerigo Vespucci
By: Jasmine Brewer
World History 2G
15 December 2012
Why did the Europeans need to seek new trade
Merchants knew they could make big profits selling Asian
goods such as spices and silks. European rulers wanted to find
safer, faster trade routes to Asia so their countries could
become rich and powerful. In Portugal, sailors studied
navigation and made new, faster ships. In 1498,Vasco da
Gama sailed around the tip of Africa and east to India. His new
route helped Portugal grow rich from trade with Asia.
Explain what the phrase "for God, Glory, and
Gold" meant.
On a quest for “God, glory, and gold,” the Portuguese and
Spanish led the way in exploring new worlds. Setting sail
to the east, the Portuguese eventually gained control of
the Spice Islands. In the west, Portugal and Spain each
claimed new lands in the Americas. By the end of the
sixteenth century, however, the Dutch, French, and English
began competing with the Portuguese and Spanish for
these new lands and the riches they held.
Vespucci was born in Florence, Italy and studied navigation
as a youth. He spent his early career in the banking firm of
Lorenzo de' Medici. In 1491, he moved to Seville Spain, and
worked with a company that equipped ships for long
His Voyages
Funded voyages:
King Manuel I of
First Voyage: 1497
Second Voyage: 1499
Third Voyage: 1500
Fourth Voyage: 1503
Accomplishments and Significance
- Amerigo discovered the continent between Europe and
This is significant because he was the first to recognize
that this continent was not Asia
- People learned about America for the first time from the
letters he wrote home
- A mapmaker, Martin Waldseemuller, named the
continents after him, in honor of his accomplishments.
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