Using Qualtrics - University of Maryland, College Park

Using Qualtrics
 Information, Request Account, & Login Link at:
 Login using your LDAP (regular university) account
 Lets create a survey…
Steps to Use Survey
 Click “Create Survey”
 Click “Survey Library”
 Choose CTE Library on drop-down menu of libraries
 Select the Lilly Grad 2012 on drop-down of surveys
 Choose your new name, and copy!
Some Quick Modifications
 Removing irrelevant components
 Adjust order of questions
 Add your own question
 Turn off forced response
What do you think?
Expected Class Components
I think….
 Students are clear on the expectations that there will be homework &
blackboard usage.
 Students have experienced, and remembered a broad range of
interactions (this is good to me)
 Students have valued many things that required extra effort:
 Study & Lecture guides
 In-Class discussions/group work
 Students have not or minimally valued some things that required
significant effort from me:
 Group/Individual projects
 The most valued item, Blackboard use, is someplace to be sure and
continue to focus effort on, to provide clear information and work
What does it all mean??
 Data from 200 level
General Microbiology
 167 Students
 ~4-6 weeks into semester

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