Which Patients should be under the care of Geriatricians?

Which Patients should be under
the care of Geriatricians?
Query from member as to whether guidance
 Choose and Book
 Need for publishable descriptors to assist
lay people and Health professionals
understand scope of speciality
Suggested Categories
1.Frailty related health problems
 2.Patients with specific conditions common
in advanced age but not exclusively
 3.Frail older patients who present to other
specialities but need input from
 4. Vulnerable older patients where ethical
and legal issues are likely to arise
1.Frailty related health
Acute presentations with loss of function e.g.
delirium, deteriorating self care, falls, found on
floor admissions,sudden incontinence
 Care home residents,EMI home residents
 Patients with chronic disease affecting functional
status ,e.g. Stroke,PD.leg ulcers,CCF
 Local agreement regarding 64-75 age group
2.Patients with specific conditions
common in advanced age but not
E.g. Geriatrician involvement in services for
Stroke,PD,Dementia,DM, and heart failure
provided for patients of a variety of ages
according to local expertise
3.Frail Older patients
presenting to other specialities
E.g. Pubic ramus and upper limb fractures
 Constipation or Pseudo-obstruction
 Falls with soft tissue injuries
 Electrolyte disturbance and renal failure
 Patients with medical problems presenting
to Old Age Psychiatry
4.Vulnerable Older Patients where
legal and Ethical issues are likely to
E.g. Cases known to POVA teams,
 Feeding Issues in Stroke or dementia
 Patients lacking capacity
Older Patients best looked
after by other specialities
Age related systems may lead to certain patient
groups failing to access appropriate care
 Non frail patient with single system disease should
be looked after by organ specialists with help if
 E.g.MI, GI bleeding, pneumonia, Diabetic
Choose and Book
Each speciality divided into;
A. Clinic type- subdivision of speciality
B. Keywords- descriptors to aid search
Geriatric Medicine-Clinic
Geriatric Medicine
Movement disorders/PD
Heart failure
Memory/Cognitive decline
Day Hospital
Bone Clinic
Geriatric Medicine-Keywords
 Assessment
 Blackouts
 Cholinesterase inhibitors
 MDT Falls assessment
 OAP joint assessment
 Parkinsons Disease
Keywords -2
Stroke prevention
 Stroke risk factor management
 Syncope
 Tremor assessment
 Urgent TIA assessment
 Weight loss
 Rapid access community assessment
More keywords ?
 Gait disorders
 Cognitive impairment
 Dementia
 Osteoporosis
 Breathlessness
 Hypertension
Any Suggestions?

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