Final Year Project Interim Presentation Software

Final Year Project
Interim Presentation
Software Visualisation and
Comparison Tool
Presented By :
Shane Lillis, 9514147,
4th Year Computer Engineering
Supervised By : Mr. Tom Newe
Presentation Date : 11/11/1998
Project Objectives
Research the Software Visualisation area in
Allow multiple source code files to be
displayed on screen in their analysed form.
Allow the user to click on the analyzed files to
display the colour-enhanced source files.
Show the files being compared side by side.
Compare & highlight similar structures,
variables etc. in the source code files.
Provide percentage similarity between files.
Other goals which are necessary for
successful design and implementation are
– Learning of the Software OO Methodology,
– Learning of the MS Visual C++ 5 Language
with MFC’s
S.V. and O.M.T.
Software Visualisation - the use of graphical
text manipulation to help understand the
characteristics of programs
– Program Visualisation
O.M.T. - Object Modeling Technique
– Object Oriented Analysis & Design
OMT Methodology
System Design
Object Design
– Iterative Lifecycle - focus is on analysis and
data structures. Testing will be done upon
completion of implementation.
The 3 main design issues are
– source code analysis
– file comparison
– the GUI
Source Code Analysis :
– The User selects the file to be analysed.
– The Scanner reads in the file
• generates the analysed coloured pixel
representation based on the use of the
language constructs in the source code file.
• logs the data to an external log file, which is
used later in comparison tests.
– The program displays the coloured pixel
representation on-screen.
– Scanning Algorithm
Open the File
Input a line as a string
Search the string for any relevant structures / variables
If structure or loop construct
Move to end of structure or loop construct
Add the results to a file information array
Log structural information to an external log file
Repeat Until EOF
Close the file
File Comparison :
– This will entail a comparator scanning through
each log file generated for the selected files,
creating a resultant text file which will be
displayed on-screen with the comparative
The Graphical User Interface (GUI)
– This will be designed to resemble other Win32
applications. It will provide drop-down menu’s
and buttons for the user to work with. It will also
allow the user to access a Help File. The
interface will be intuitive and understandable.
The OMT Dynamic Model will be used to ensure
good design of the interface.
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