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Sub10 Systems
Professional Services
Presented By
John Golding & Frank Pauer
Professional Services Group
Sub10 have a wide range of experienced engineers all over
the world, as well as many development and design
engineers based in out facility in Devon, UK.
We are truly a global company supplying in to many
industries. This has given us massive experience in the
wireless industry.
Sub10 Services – A Win-Win Situation
Sub10 Services will be available like any other product line item through
Sub10’s certified channel partners
Partners with will be able to deliver & sell service products with the goal to:
Deliver / sell services even when own service resources are not available or busy
Provide a certain level of security for all customers, especially individuals entering
the wireless sector and are new to Millimeter Wave
Help bridge the knowledge gap and allow customers to hit the ground running
Launch of a Global Services
Installation and commissioning
Network Planning
Support Packages
Types of Support Product
Many customers need support on installing links, especially
for the first time
We have Two methods in which we can be of assistance:
• Office based – Remote access is required
• Onsite – Travel to site is required
Either case - 1 Day of support is purchased
On Site – Installation Support
Includes –
• 1 Day on site Support
• Covers V or E Band Products
• Hands On Training
• LOS Training & Guidance
• Link Commissioning
• Link Performance Tests using
calibrated test equipment.
E1000 (E-Band)
1875 Euro LP
V Series Products
1500 Euro LP
Note: This service is global, Travel costs are covered up to 250 Euro
Remote – Installation Support
1 Day Office based support
Covers V or E Band Products
Remote Commissioning
Installation Technical support
via direct line
• Remote Access via Team
Viewer or other
• Less cost than onsite
E1000 (E-Band)
V Series Products
438 Euro LP
438 Euro LP
First link bundle
2 days of support in total
Day 1 - Onsite Training for technical/sales
staff in the office
Day 2 - Day Installation assistance &
Commissioning for first Link on site
This is aimed at first installations – new
Partners, Distributors or end customers who
want to jump the learning curve.
Often the first installation is where most of the
learning is done, this is often something which
an end customer does not need to see!
This bundle is designed to take away that
First Link Bundle:
3125 Euro LP
Remote Commissioning Plus
• Includes 1 year Extended Warranty
• (1 Day Office Based) Remote Commissioning
• Installation Support via TeamViewer or Other
Additional 3rd years warranty is designed to encourage the use of
the remote commissioning service. This then gives you security
on two fronts
Remote Commissioning Plus:
750 Euro LP
RepeatIt RCS Server Installation
RCS is a Server used for managing our RepeatIt range of
products. If you decide not to use the remote Cloud service, we
can build you one of your own.
• Local onsite Installation
1875 Euro LP
• Remote server installation
1000 Euro LP
Special cases – If you already use the Cambium Wireless
manager, we can make changes to enable management of
RepeatIt products (2 days on site)
3750 Euro LP
MMW Network Planning
We offer an off site planning service which allows you to
deploy a dense MMW network with confidence. The service
utilizes an in house tool developed at Sub10
We can also help you with Feasibility checks and link
budgets on a per link basis
1 Link 5 Links 10 Links
250 Euro LP
188 Euro LP Per Link
125 Euro LP Per Link
RepeatIt Network Planning
Networks using RepeatIt product can become very complex.
Estimating the coverage and capacity of a PtMP network is a
specialist area
We can help you plan your network and optimize it so that you
realize maximum value for money
RepeatIt network planning – based on hourly billing, as the scale
and complexity of the network is variable
188 Euro LP Per Hour
Product Training and Certification
MMW Focused Technical Training
1.5 Days 3125 Euro LP
RepeatIt Focused Technical Training
All products and the Cloud
1 Day 1875 Euro LP
Combined MMW and RepeatIt
2 Days 3750 Euro
MMW Installation and Commissioning training
1 Day 1875 Euro
By getting Sub10 Certified you will enjoy the benefits of our Gold and
Platinum Support Packages
Benefits include:
• Priority Hot Line Access
• Training Vouchers
• Onsite installation vouchers
• Advanced warranty replacement (links purchase during contract)
• 3rd years warranty if you purchase 10 links within the contract
Note: befits vary depending on package you choose
Premium Support Packages
375 Euro Per Month
• Priority Hotline Access
• 1 Training Voucher (2 Days per year)
• 1 onsite installation Voucher
• Support Site login
1250 Euro Per Month
• Priority Hotline Access
• Advanced warranty for all links purchased during contract *
• 1 Training Voucher (2 Days per year)
• 1 onsite installation Voucher
1500 Euro Per Month
• Priority Hotline Access
• Advanced warranty for all links purchased during contract
• 1 Training Voucher (2 Days per year)
• 1 onsite installation Voucher
• 3rd warranty year per link purchased (up to 10 links per year) *
Service Product Price Book
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