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ARGUS 54 - Optical Sputter Coater
Vacuum Process Technology LLC
Dr. Keqi Zhang & Ralph Faber
May 1, 2013
 Offer a deposition tool for optical coating industry that
combines the advantages of both e-beam evaporation
(large area, fast rate) and IBS deposition (stable process,
higher film quality).
 Plasma enhanced pulsed DC magnetron sputtering
 Basic concept is based on a 54-inch chamber with a
planetary system that contains six 16-inch planets.
Key Performances / Features:
 Sputtered deposition of multilayers of metals, and
metal oxides
 Large area, fast deposition rate
 6 x 16-inch planets
 Rate: Ta2O5 / Nb2O5: 5Å/s, SiO2: 6Å/s
 Uniformity: typical ±1.0%, goal: ±0.5%
 Thickness control
 Standard: quartz crystal, time power
 Optional: through-the-planet optical monitoring
(Single Wavelength or Broad Band)
Optical Sputter Coater
Pulsed DC ion / plasma enhanced
Materials: Ta2O5/SiO2
Very stable and repeatable
Deposition rate: 5.0Å/s --- Ta2O5
6.0Å/s --- SiO2
Optical Sputter Coater
Single layer Ta2O5, 5.0 Å/s
Single layer SiO2, 6.0Å/s
Single layer uniformity across a 16-inch planet: < ±1%
Uniformity of a LP filter across a 16-inch planet
(spectrally measured)
Uniformity of a LP filter across a 16-inch planet
550nm Longpass Filter, 30 layers
Coating examples : 72-layer SP (Ta2O5/SiO2 , 5.7µm)
Backside uncoated
Coating examples : 37-layer GFF (Ta2O5/SiO2, 3.8µm)
Backside uncoated
Coating examples: 14-layer BBAR (Ta2O5/SiO2)
Coating examples: 10-layer Dual-band AR (Ta2O5/SiO2)
Coating examples: 58-layer IR cut filter (Ta2O5/SiO2)
IR Cut Filter Made by a Competitor’s Coater
Coating examples: IR cut filter
Coating examples: 104-layer WB(Ta2O5/SiO2, 7.9µm)
Coating examples: 224-layer WB(Ta2O5/SiO2, 23µm)
Coating examples: 80-layer WB(Ta2O5/SiO2, 7.1µm)
Backside uncoated
Coating examples: 52-layer Longpass(Ta2O5/SiO2, 3.0µm)
Backside uncoated
Current status:
 Optical properties: excellent
 Absorption: low
 Scattering: low
 Mechanical properties
 Dense, durable film
 Film stress: 230 – 300MPa, compressive
 Film uniformity
 Less Than ±0.5% on a 16-inch planet
 High throughput; unparalleled process stability
Platform Comparison
Products and Applications
for the Argus Optics System

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