Gallipoli Visual Text Powerpoint - aiss-english-10

Visual Text
Identifying and discussing
the effectiveness of the
visual and critical features
of the text.
 This
is one of the
propaganda posters
advertising Gallipoli
to the young Aussie
men in the early
1900's, as WWI
 We chose this poster
as it is directly
involved to the
ANZAC's who were
enlisting and fighting
in the Gallipoli
ANZAC soldier (young
male) in the centre
making the body
gesture that he is
calling out for help.
Standing larger than
life in between the
Propaganda text
saying 'Enlist Now' in
big bold font at the
A call from a soldier in
the Dardanelles, "Cooee- won't you come?"
 The
ANZAC soldier is
larger than life being
able to stand across
Gallipoli and Turkey.
 The soldier is wearing
typical khaki
clothing, a hat and
his rifle.
 The
setting is over
the Dardanelles
where all the
ANZACs would have
been during WWI.
 The setting is very dull
with earthly colours
used for the
 The
colour scheme is
earthly colours which
are dry and dull.
 The soldier is wearing
khaki clothing.
 The background is
smudges white and
black so add to the
poster propaganda
 The
soldier is
positioned centre in
the foreground and
is the only character
in the poster.
 There is also speech
coming from the
soldier which is the
key object as it is a
propaganda poster.
 The
soldier is facing
us at eye to eye level
giving a friendly look
and increasing
chance of enlistment
for the ANZACs.
 The
soldier is
obviously larger than
life and is standing
tall and strong.
 The audience sees
power and authority
in the soldier.
 We are at equal
height to the soldier.
 The
illustrator uses
bring dry lighting to
give emphasis the
poster and
 The bring
background stands
out to a potential
 There is a smudge of
dull black and white
which shows that the
time is neither day
nor night.
Body Language
The soldier is looking at
us with his hands
around his mouth to
amplify his call to enlist
for the war.
The facial expression is
somewhat helpless
which will allow the
audience to become
empathetic and get
young Aussie men to
The body posture is still
tall and strong which
shows how valiant the
soldiers are.
 The
soldier is wearing
khaki clothing which
was the typical
clothing for the
 Most Australians can
stereotype people
who wear khaki
because it has
cultural significance
in our history.

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