Automation of the I-94 Card: New Documentation for the I-9

of the
I-94 Card: New Documentation for
the I-9
Bechtel International Center
Spring Quarter, 2013
International Scholar Advising Team
I-94 Card
 Proof of entering the US in a particular visa status. It
is used for the purpose of the I-9, and in immigration
for adjusting status in the U.S. or extending stay. Also
required in applications for the SSN and Driver’s
Will the paper I-94 cards still be
 No: Beginning April 30th through end of May, US
Customs and Border Control (CPB) will cease issuing
the paper cards and automate each visitors port-ofentry record based on their electronic travel records
for those entering my sea and air.
 Yes: BUT at land border ports-of-entry, the old paper
I-94 card will still be issued
How do visitors get access to the
automated record of arrival?
 This proof of entry will continue to be created, but online
 The traveler may print a paper version of the I-94 by
logging into this website with information specific to
 Using the stamp in the passport showing date of
admission, the class of admission and the date the traveler
is admitted until (most of Stanford visitors will show
“D/S”), the traveler will be able to find their personal
admission record and print it out for the purposes of I-9
and any other immigration application.
New I-94 Documentation
When will SFO start automating?
I-Center advice to Stanford
international community
 Stanford international students and scholars should,
soon after arrival, print out the I-94 information and
keep this documentation for their records. Direct
these students and scholars to the I-Center website
for guidance.
 In addition to needing this for I-9 purposes, the I-94
documentation is necessary for DMV and SSA

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