Sharon Crump Acton Park Junior School – Speech and

Sharon Crump
Acton Park Junior School – Speech and
Language Unit.
7th November 2008
Speech and Language
Impairment and Autism
“….sometimes it’s like I’m a
wasp trapped in a jar. I can see
and hear the people all around
me but every time I try to get
into their world I just keep
buzzing and bumping against
the glass”
Paul, 41 has Asperger Syndrome
The National Autistic Society
Scenario 1
How would you speak to the child?
What would you say to him?
When would you speak to him?
Why comment at all?
Getting to really know the child
in your care?
 Case
 Identifying your difficulties – not the
 Having a goal and ways to achieve it
 Never missing an opportunity – however
Skills for life
 Information
and Instructions broken
down into small parts with each bit
being specific and positive.
 Don’t take anything for granted if it
has not been taught he/she will not
know it.
 Accept only behaviour which is the
norm for your schools setting.
 Accepting grey areas – life is not all
black and white.
Working with the family
 Being
aware of home life
 No problem is too small
 Singing from the same hymn sheet!
 Encompassing all –educating
 Being a shoulder to cry on.
Scenario 2
What essential information do we need to
share with them?
What skills will they need to be given?
How can we underpin the support given to
the child?
Sharing expertise
 Social
Use of language – Friends Group
 Co-ordination sessions
 Outside agencies
 Training
 Resource baskets
 Being one step ahead – learning from
My child has semantic and
pragmatic difficulties. What are
Semantics –
PragmaticsIndirect speechEssential Words-
GTCW Chartered Teacher Pilot–
‘Talk for thought’
Social scenarios are often talked
through with others and when
discussing a topic in school such as
World War II or the Celts we think
and talk about life in the past. But do
we talk mathematics and if not why
Scenario 3
How would you share them?
What reasons would you give for
Sharing them in this particular way?
Can this be written in a mathematical
Is talking for thought a valuable life
In Conclusion
“ These
children show a surprising
sensitivity to the personality of the
teacher. However difficult they are
even under optimal conditions, they
can be guided and taught, but only
those who give them true
understanding and genuine
affection, people who show kindness
towards them and yes humour.”
Hans Asperger 1944
Thank you for listening.
Any Questions?

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