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MX-ONE 6.0– What’s New
Pre-Sales Presentation Update
Support for OPEX Business model
• Software as a Service, pay for actual use
• No upfront cost for the MX-ONE solution
• Customer or Partner investment
• Servers and IP Infrastructure
• Windows licenses
• Hard Media Gateways if TDM interfaces are required
• Terminals
• Open license file delivered
• MX-ONE reports actually used licenses to Aastra CSU
• Usage report per system (used licenses)
• Usage reports sent with mail in CSV format with MD5 checksum
• Standard report, average daily peak for one month
• Report Manager presents usage of chargeable items
• Export to partners billing system in CSV format
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Feature Packaging
• Optional license model for new sales
• Basic
• 1 active terminal
• non configured end user services
• No voice mail, no BluStar client
• Entry UCC
• 1 active terminal
• CTI monitoring for presence
• Boss secretary, MNS
• Team functionality, e.g. EDNs, SCA, SCABR
• Voice Mail
• Added for Standard UCC
• 2 active terminals
• Mobility (Mobile extension/TDM DECT)
• CTI call control
• BluStar client and Video
• Added for Premium UCC
• 4 active terminals
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Customer group enhancements
• Private cloud for e.g. airports, shopping centers and business parks
• Optional barring of calls between customers
• Collaps a network, keep the local dialling plans (LOC-XXXX)
• Independent dialling plan per customer
• 5-10 digit global extension numbers (no ambiguities allowed)
• The LOC prefixed/removed for local calls
• Prefix is not removed for H.323, DECT and mobile
• License per location (MX Tenant)
• Attendant, Voice mail etc. must use global numbers
• Up to 10.000 customers per system
• Up to 2000 customers per server
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New Features for MX-ONE TS 6.0
• 64 bit OS support (SLES11)
• Native n+1 redundancy
• Network redundancy not required
• Automatic recovery from “split brain”
• Controlled change-back, automatic or on command
• Clusters can be added, removed and reconfigured in installed system
• Improved upgrade
• Native support for IPv6
• All MX-ONE components (servers and MGs) must be either IPv4 or IPv6
• Supported for SIP trunk and SIP extension
• Dual stack supported
• IPv4 to/from IPv6 end points must use forced gateway
• Manager TS will not support IPv6 configuration
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New Features for MX-ONE TS 6.0
• Media Server enhancements
• Mix of Media Server and MGU based media gateways up to a total of 15 per
• Increased capacity, 2000 RTP resources
• ~50000 users without forced gateway for SIP trunk
• G.729 Codec (1/10 capacity)
• Ring group
• A new version of the existing hunt group
• Allows simultaneous ringing on up to 16 users (any terminal type except
• RVA, overflow, diversion etc. as per existing hunt group functionality
• Ring and Hunt group, individual log-in/out
• A new procedure for logon/out to/from individual groups
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New Features for MX-ONE TS 6.0
• Take call
• For users with multiple terminal service
• During an established call, the user can move that call to an idle terminal
• Normal call pick-up procedure is used, e.g. 8 or *8# (*0# for SE)
• CSTA for Multiple Terminal Service
• Terminal identity added to protocol
• SIP 1-4, Mobile, DECT & H.323
• MX-ONE provides a list of active terminals to the application
– No support for multiple active deskphones
• Call control is not supported if terminal identity is not received
• CSTA3 availability
• Per server restart of CSTA3 program
• Program number at MNS key
• The --key-sequence parameter is now allowed for MNS keys
• *FC*xxxxxxxxxx# can be programmed as number to dial for an MNS
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SIP Tie-line services in MX-ONE TS 6.0
Includes 5.0 services
• Needs SIP tie-line license
• Name Identity, calling, called and connected
• Call Completion/Callback (services license)
• Call Forwarding (Diversion) and bypass (services license)
• Call Deflect/Single Step Transfer
• Call Offer/Call Waiting (services license)
• Call Transfer (by join)
• Centralized Voice Mail
• Message Waiting (services license)
• Auto DTMF
• Intrusion and forced release (services license)
• Rerouting
• Customer Identity (services license)
• DNIS (services license)
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New Features for MX-ONE TS 6.0
• Enable possibility to block free seating on 6700i and 6800i terminals
• Log-off restriction for a generic user (directory number).
• Three levels of restriction is controlled by a CoS for a directory number.
1. Full free seating (default)
2. Temporary log on permitted (e.g. conference room, hot desk area)
3. No log on/off, frozen directory number for the terminal (e.g. lift,
Levels 2 and 3 are set for the terminal at first log-on
• General Licensing
• Optional feature package licensing
• The HWID is specific for each installation.
• Stronger encryption of the license file with 3DES
• Trial licenses are limited to 20 days.
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New Features for MX-ONE TS 6.0
• Tone burst at automatic answer
• Parameter control of PN allowing ECF and Follow-me
• Remove repeated conference tones
• Remove reject key on A7400 and 4400
• SIP free on second state settable by command
• Call reference id in SMDR record
• Busy route point
• 3000 Group call pick-up groups per server
• 10.000 Hunt/Ring groups per server
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New sales objects/licenses
• MX Tenant (using //numbering plan)
• MX TS Public SIP Route
• MX Basic Hosting
• MX TS Private SIP Route
• MX Basic User
• MX TS Private SIP Route Serv
• MX Entry UC User
• MX TS SIP Trunk Channel
• MX Standard UC User
• MX TS CTI Group
• MX Premium UC User
• MX TS Ring Group
• MX TS RVA User
• MX TS Hunt Group
• MX CSTA3 3rd party monitoring User
• MX TS SIP Extension User
• MX CSTA3 call control User
• MX TS H.323 Extension User
• MX CSTA3 3rd party call control User
• MX TS 3rd party SIP User
• MX CSTA3 3rd party monitor CTIgroup
• MX TS SIP Survivability ext (for
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Hardware news
• Cost rationalized 3U chassis - LBP24
• Optional AC adapter
• 1 extra card slot with new MGU
• SBN based on LBP24
• LTB reworked MGU (Light)
4 PRIs
• 128 RTP resources
• 20mm front allows the extra card position
• Support for CAS extension on MGU
• Full support for CAS trunk line signalling
• VMware certified ASU
• Pre stackable circuit boards are not supported
• Applicable board identities has been removed from the system
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Thank you!
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