Chapters 4 5 6

Discussion – Chapters 4,5,6
"Isolate him enough that he
remains creative - otherwise he
adopt the system and we'll lose
him" (Card, p.27).
How many kids made it into Battle
school this year?
What are some of the other clues
Battle school is important to the
entire planet?
Does that help explain why it is such
a big deal?
“He did not know its significance at
the time. Later he would remember
that it was even before he left Earth
that he thought of it as a planet, like
any other, not particularly his own”
(Card, p. 30).
 How does Graff isolate Ender
from the moment he steps on
the Launch?
 What pattern do you see
Find the allusion(s) on page 34.
“We need a Napoleon. An Alexander.
Except Napoleon lost in the end,
and Alexander flamed out and died
young. We need a Julius Caesar.”
“Human beings are free, except
when humanity needs them…We
might both do despicable things,
Ender, but if humankind survives,
then we were good tools “ (Card, p.
What kinds of “Games” are
being played at Battle
 N.B.: there are a lot!
 What’s a “Launchie?”
 What does “icing-out” mean?
 Why is Ender’s name suddenly
 What does Ender learn from Mick?
 What’s a “holo?”
Why are “Heroes” not
expected to feel
What exactly are “Heroes”
supposed to be like?
"He can have friends. It's parents
he can't have" (Card, p. 38).
 Why does Graff do this?
 Why does he want Ender to grow
up without role models?
Parents? What do they do for their kids:
The Giant’s Drink
At the very beginning, who is talking?
“It’s an order. Hold him where he is
until we see how he handles things
with his launch group. Graff, you
give me ulcers” (Card, p.55).
"That launch is sick, and
[Ender] is the source of
the disease"
(Card, p.55).
 What is the Battle room?
 What happens between Ender and
 Why was Alai chosen as the “leader”
of the launchies?
 What does Ender learn about
leadership from watching Alai?
What do think is going on with the
game The Giant’s Drink?
 Who was Pinaul?
 What effect does the game have on
 How does the game teach the
soldiers about choice?

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