Bailey Hall
Duct Bank Relocation Project
Overview & Status
May 19th, 2004
Scope of Project
Objective - re-establish in-service communications
facilities in a re-routed duct bank behind Bailey Hall
due to a State construction project.
To minimize impact – working pairs were audited and
consolidated to the beginning of all 100 pair counts.
New pathway:
 approximately 400’-450’ in length.
 Two new pass-through manholes in the new route.
 Copper media consists of an 1800 pair and two
1500 pair “mirror image” or “clock “ cables and a
300 pair copper cable.
Scope of Project
Background and goals (Cont.)
Installing and splicing an equivalent pair or strand count in the
new pathway.
Re-establish service in a simultaneous method to reduce down
time of each facility.
Both ends copper/fiber sections spliced concurrently.
Fiber work includes placing trunk fiber consolidating several
hybrid cables.
Restricted construction schedule project and work will continue
around the clock tentatively staring at 5pm on Friday, July 9th.
Clearing old ducts of existing copper and fiber.
Coordinated with CIT personnel during splicing as the cables
contain groups of working voice and point-to-point circuits.
Whenever troubles are recognized on working pairs, they will be
repaired before moving on to the next group.
Buildings Effected
1 Campus Road (Delta Tau Delta)
109 McGraw Place (Sigma Phi Upsilon)
525 Stewart Avenue (Phi Kappa Psi)
722 University Avenue
(Lambda Upsilon Lambda)
726 University Avenue
AD White House**
Bailey Hall***
Baker Lab**
Baker North
Baker South
Baker Tower
Big Red Barn**
Boldt Hall
Boldt Tower
Clark Hall**
Day Hall
Forest Park Lane
Founders Hall
Goldwin Smith Hall
Johnson Museum of Art
Kroch LIbrary
Lincoln Hall
Lyon Hall
McFaddin Hall
McGraw Hall
Morrill Hall
Newman Lab**
Noyes Hall
Olin Library
Rand Hall
Rockefeller Hall**
Sage Chapel
Sibley Hall
Space Science Building**
Sperry Hall (formerly UHall #6)
ST Olin**
Stimson Hall
The Foundry
Tjaden Hall
University Hall #1 (Class of '17 Hall)
University Hall #2 (Class of '28 Hall)
University Hall #3 (Class of '22 Hall)
University Hall #4 (Class of '18 Hall)
University Hall #5 (Class of '26 Hall)
Uris Library
White Hall
*Buildings in White are affected by fiber replacement (Data Only)
** Buildings underlined and in Pink are affected by both fiber and copper replacement (Voice and Data)
*** Bailey Hall will be out of service during entire renovation process
Time frame of Project
Project is slated for the weekend starting
Friday, July 9th after normal business
Minimal impact to users by scheduling the
major work during maintenance hours.
Intermittent disruption in service and will
not be during normal Monday - Friday
business hours.
Schedule of Project
The Fiber between CCC and the switch rooms at Goldwin Smith &
McFaddin will be taken down after hours. They will be splicing fiber
around the clock which will bring all services in the affected buildings
within approximately 12 hours.
Fiber is back up and all Voice and Data connectivity restored. Copper
splicing begins which will only effect voice connectivity. There will be
intermittent outages of voice service while they splice the copper cables.
Less than 50 phones will be effected at one time and will only be out of
service for ½ an hour or less.
Sunday morning from 12am - 7am testing of the fiber connections by the
contractor will start causing intermittent data connectivity issues. No data
connection, during this maintenance period will be down for more than ½
an hour. Copper splicing continues, with less than 50 phones being
effected at one time and will only be out of service for ½ an hour or less.
If copper splicing is not completed, only non-working pairs will be spliced
during normal business hours. All working voice connections will be held
until the appropriate maintenance window outside of normal business
hours. Data connectivity is no longer effected.
Same as Monday
Same as Monday
Identification of Stakeholders.
Facilities and building owners.
Cornell Police, Life Safety
Verification of scheduled events – Video Conferncing, CIT Labs
Special circuits – alarms, chilled water
CIT Divisions – I&D, BIS, CSM, DLS, S&O, Finance
NCS – Voice Eng, Network Eng, Operations Support, Field
Services, Infrastructure Engineering
Campus Life, Alumni Affairs, Libraries, Day Hall
All Network Admins as well as Telecom Coordinators for the
effected buildings.
Communication Plan
May 19th
TSP Forum
Expert tech audience
May 21st
Deployment of web-site
Permit protected for CU only
May 21st
Initial Stakeholders letter
Net-announce-l, net-admin-l,
Telecom Coordinators
1st week in
Topic Specific Forum
All stakeholders/expert tech
audience (Biotech Bldg.)
June 25th
E-mail reminder
All Subscribers of CIT Alert-l
June 25th
AUDIX Broadcast
AUDIX Subscribers
June 25th
Project reminder to
Net-announce-l, net-admin-l,
May 10th –
June 4th
Stakeholder Meetings
CU Police, EH&S, Libraries,
Campus Life, Alumni Affairs
Communications Plan
Content of Stakeholder Communications:
Why it is occurring
When it will happen (with schedule of what to expect)
How long it will take
What areas are effected
Forum date
URL for Web-site
Who to contact [email protected] or 254.2766
Contingency Plan
Contingency Plan - If a catastrophic event
occurs, the cut-over would be rescheduled to
another weekend once the stakeholders are
notified and agree to the time frame adjustment.
Wrap Up
Other Issues or Questions?

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