History 101 * Western Civilization / World History

History 101 – Western
Civilization / World History
Professor Joshua Ockman
The Most important thing I’ll mention
• The Class Website is at:
– http://jockman.x10.mx
• Lecture outlines, Reviews, Corrections, etc. will all
be posted there.
• All material for this class will be under “Bastrop”
What does this class cover?
• The primary world civilizations (with a focus
on Western Powers) from the Earliest
civilizations to at least AD 1500 (Possibly as far
as AD 1700)
How will the material be covered?
• Lecture – lots and lots of lecture
• If you want the class to be more interesting,
you must participate
• Questions, comments, opinions, and
discussion are all welcome – as long as it stays
on topic
How will we divide it up? (Tentative)
• Test 1:
– Earliest Civilizations up to Greece
• Test 2:
– Rome to the Early Middle Ages
• Test 3:
– The Middle Ages to the Reformation
• Test 4:
– Cumulative Final
Speaking of Tests…
• 4 Exams
– Three 100 Point Exams
– One 125 Point Final
• Multiple Choice
• True/False
• Bonus Essay
Review Day
• The class period before an exam is Review day
• We will discuss the primary events, people,
and ideas that will appear on the exam.
• This is the day for questions
• NO questions about test material will
answered on test day.
The Dreaded Map Test
• Download the Map at http://jockman.x10.mx
It looks Like this…
The Dreaded Map Test
• Download the Map at http://jockman.x10.mx
• Download the Additional Locations list
– “Locations List.doc”
Map Part 1:
• Using the Internet, an Atlas, a Textbook, etc.,
discover the names that match with the Rivers
and Mountain Ranges that are drawn on the
• Memorize this
Map Part 2:
• Using the Additional Locations List, place all
cities, provinces, and landmasses listed onto
the Map
• Memorize this
Map Part 3:
• On September 9th, I will hand you a copy of
the map with 25 spots marked for you to fill
out in class
– 5-10 Rivers, 5 mountain ranges, 5-10 cities, 5
Landmasses or Provinces
• Worth 50 Points
Then there’s the Quizzes..
5-10 Quizzes
5-10 Questions a piece
Take home
Open notebook
Accepted by E-mail only
Worth 25 Points
Adding it all up
Map Test……………………………50
Exam 1………………………….…100
Exam 2………………………….…100
Exam 3………………………….…100
Final Exam…………………….…125
Total Points:………………….…500
Contacting your Professor
• E-Mail Addresses:
– For Questions: [email protected]
– For Assignments: [email protected]
• E-mail Etiquette
– All E-mails MUST be in this format:
• Subject line: [School Name] [Class Name] [Class Hour]
[Current Year] [Your Name]
– Example: Bastrop Western Civilization First Hour 2014 John
• E-mails that ignore this will go unanswered
• Correct E-mail Etiquette
– John Smith
– Nameless High School
– Professor Ockman,
– Professor, would you please send me the link for
the Website?
– Thanks,
– John
• Incorrect E-mail Etiquette
• Wut we doin in class today????????
Extra Credit is available
• Bonus Option One – Short Term Paper:
– 25 Pts
– 7 Pages based on an approved historical topic
– You may write about a Historically inspired Book, Movie or Video
Game, but at least one half the paper must discuss its historical
– All topics must pertain to the time period covered in this class
(Nothing can be after AD 1700)
• Bonus Option Two – “Eastern/American Civilizations” Presentation
– 25 Pts
– Five to 10 minute Presentation on an approved segment on an Eastern
or Native American Civilization
– May be done in a group of up to Four
• You may do both Bonuses (or one bonus twice on two topics) for a
total of 50 pts
Classroom Policies
• Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource for any project in this class. You
will receive no credit for any assignment that you use Wikipedia.
• Plagiarism – If I discover a paper has been copied (especially from a
website) it will be tossed out without a grade.
• Cheating – Anyone caught cheating on an exam receives an automatic
• Cell Phones – There are only two reasons a cell phone should be seen
during my lecture
You have placed it on my desk to record the lecture
You are taking a picture of the current PowerPoint on the screen.
Besides these two exceptions, phones should disappear until I finish speaking
If I see a phone out during a test – that phone is banned from class until the semester
About the Class? About History?
About Me? About Life, the Universe,
and Everything?

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