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Welcome to I.B. Cookie
IB Mission Statement
The International
Baccalaureate aims to
develop inquiring,
knowledgeable and
caring young people
who help to create a
better and more
peaceful world through
understanding and
IB Learner Profile
 Three HL subjects are
studied at higher level - 240
 Three SL subjects are
studied at standard level - 150
 All three parts of the core—
extended essay, theory of
knowledge and creativity,
action, service are compulsory
and are central to the
philosophy of the Diploma
IB Hexagon
IB Courses at Western
► Group
1: English HL or SL
► Group 2: Spanish: B or ab initio SL and HL
French: French B SL or HL,
French ab initio (or Chinese school)
► Group 3: History of Europe HL, Philosophy SL
► Group 4: Biology SL/HL, Chemistry HL,
Physics SL/HL
► Group 5: Math SL/HL, or Math Studies SL
► Group 6: unsure of Visual Art HL due to numbers
► (HL = higher level SL = standard level)
On-line possibilities…….
Full vs. Partial IB
Full IB Diploma Student
(1 reg. fee, 6 exam fees)
Must take 6 IB courses
Groups 1-5 are mandatory but
group 6 can be replaced by a
second course in another area
(ie. language, science,
Must complete EE, ToK, and
CAS over grade 11 and 12
May qualify for automatic
scholarships, early entrance to
university …
Bilingual diploma possible
Partial IB
(IB Courses Student)
► Complete min. 2 IB
courses to the exam level
► If these exams are
written in different years,
the IB registration fee
must be paid twice
► You may* drop from full
IB to partial IB (only at
the end of courses)
-fees are only paid in exam
years (grade 11 and / or 12)
Other Benefits of the full IB
► Children’s
neural connections are still being
“pruned” until they are 20 years old.
► A broad – based education will exercise
parts of the brain that would otherwise
shrink with disuse.
► If something is hard (or not your favourite
class) you need to work that part of your
brain extra hard before age 20 to maximize
its potential for the rest of your LIFE.
► Universities realize you went “above and
University Recognition of IB
Most universities have benefits for IB grads
University of Alberta
Counts a “7” as a 98% for admission.
Gives advanced credit for HL and some SL
University of Calgary
Gives advanced credit for HL
*Both give credit for full IB diplomas*
Check out the university web sites!!
Mark Standardization / Scaling
► Every
course / department works this a little
► The purpose is to reflect how we believe
you will do in a regular Alberta course.
► We have lots of experience with this kind of
thing BUT scaling is not perfect for
everyone. If you are at the bottom end of
the class – you may do better in a regular
program (due to pacing and volume).
Honour Society
► Your
core marks (including a second
language if you have one) should have an
average of 80% by spring break.
► Nothing under 60% (core 70%). Appeals
for 69%...should be done as soon as you
get the final mark.
► If you can do the French Challenge exam –
you may get an awesome mark to bring up
your average!
Core Components
► EE,
► Not just for full IB students anymore!
► Your IB courses can get you up to 42 points
(6 courses x 7 points per course) and the EE
and ToK can get you up to an additional 3
points to a maximum of 45 points (Just over
100 people in the world get 45 points every
Extended Essay
► 4000
word in-depth original University-level
research paper on a topic of your choice.
► You have a teacher-supervisor but all the
ideas and work is yours.
► Starts 2nd semester Grade 11
Theory of Knowledge
► Unique
to I.B.
► 100 hour seminar course
that integrates all groups.
► 45 per month in grade 11
(outside of the timetable)
Pulled out of HL classes in
grade 12
ToK Video
Creativity – Action - Service
Extra-curricular component of I.B.
► Creativity
is…artistic or creative
► Action is…physical or healthy
► Service is volunteering or service learning
What I.B. Students have said…
► “Grade
► “Try
11 is the hardest year.”
full I.B. to keep your options open.”
► “First
year university was a piece of cake.”
► “Don’t

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