Team Teaching Creative Applications for Advertising and

Service Learning for
Communicators and Other
Fields with a Mission
Pamela Morris, John Goheen
Loyola University Chicago
January 12, 2015
Learning Outcomes
 Gain/increase
familiarity for how ad/PR
courses offer service learning opportunities/
support for social justice issues
 Learn innovative assignment ideas and see
examples for a service learning project
focusing on social justice
 Hear reflections for how the IPP was part of
the teaching process
 Advertising
and public relations often
criticized for exploitive/commercialization
of culture
 How can teaching of these practices fulfill
Loyola’ social justice mission?
 Offer
courses that integrate creative,
design, and broadcast production skills
with specialty of ad/PR process
 Create courses that are studentcentered, encourage independent
thinking and foster active experiential
 Incorporate LUC and SOC missions into
learning goals – ethics, social justice, and
service learning
Experiential Learning Benefits
 Ad
education favors learning through
practical application (Stuhlfaut & Berman
 Student-centered process (Champman,
McPhee & Proudman 2008)
 Real-life assignments can motivate, engage
learners (Egol 2006; Greene 2010; Rhodes &
Roessner 2009), increase retention (Hawtrey
 Mirrors teamwork practiced in industry (Beard
& Tarpening 2001)
COMM 337
Multimedia Commercial
Production for Ad/PR
advertising/video short-term projects
 1 service learning semester-long project
Service Learning Assignment
 Work
in teams
 Find a nonprofit to collaborate with
 Develop 2 pieces:
 30- or 60-second Public Service
Announcement (PSA)
 2 to 5 minute video
Service Learning Assignment
 Work
through advertising process
 Meet with client as needed
 Research and understand organization’s
mission, business, needs, constituents, and
Service Learning Assignment
 Develop
creative brief
 Create storyboard/script
 Find and schedule talent, voiceovers, wardrobe,
props, etc.
 Film and edit
 Present rough and fine cuts in critiques
 Screen final cut and submit written business-style
Service Learning Assignment
 Present
2 pieces to client and secure delivery
 Write reflection paper
 Chicago
Women’s AIDS Project
 Vocalo
 Chicago
Pet Rescue
 Imagination Theater
 Asian American Advancing Justice
 United Way
 Inspiration Corporation/Café
 Flashes of Hope
 Everybody Dance Now! Chicago
 Action NOW
Student Reflections (n=10)
Professional development
 Learned to collaborate, identify group members’
strengths, value others’ time
 Time/relationship management
 Learned the process is involved/complex/creative
 Required to act professionally – reliable and
prompt, stepped outside role of a student
 Largest area of growth, benefits my career more
than any other course
 Helped direct career path
 Made a portfolio for interviewing
Student Reflections
Civic development
 Rare opportunity to work with real
clients/community organizations, need more
 Learned a lot about business and how to find the
best approach for communication
 Chance to meet and help people with passion,
faith and working for a cause they believe in
 Can help spread awareness of organizations’
missions and where community can go for help
 Learned we need to acknowledge and help out
the poor, homeless, and marginalized
Student Reflections
Intellectual development
 Expanded knowledge outside of campus
 Learned tools and skills for the real world
 Learned how to ask questions
 Pushed myself, learned just how far I could go
 Failures can be opportunities to learn
 Learned it’s important to see multiple perspectives
 Practiced problem solving skills
 Learned to embrace ambiguity, to think differently
 Learned to be convincing
Student Reflections
Personal development
 Learned to overcome obstacles, negotiate
differences, listen
 Need to have a strong connection to those
you’re working with to do the best
 Learned they wanted to help others
 More aware of social issues
 Learned how it would be to work in an agency
 Got confidence to tackle any project and work in
the community
 Can help small nonprofits, make a difference
Instructor reflections –
 Reflection
papers a way to help students learn,
one element of IPP
 Incorporating additional elements of IPP could
benefit awareness, understanding and learning
of social justice issues
 Can also encourage independent and life long
 Helps to prepare students for industry jobs
 Ad/PR
practices can help support social
 Student led ad agency/production group
can help students and organizations across
disciplines get their messages across
 Continue research in area to better
understand effective student learning

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