Home Work #1 - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Home Work #8
Due Date:, May 11, 2010
(Turn in your assignment at the mail box
of S581 outside the ME general office)
The solutions must be written on single-side A4 papers only.
HW 7-Problem #1
The beam is subjected to a uniform load w. Determine the placement a of the supports so
that the shear stress in the beam is as small as possible. What is this stress?
HW 7-Problem #2
The fence board weaves between the three smooth fixed posts. If the
posts remain along the same line, determine the maximum bending stress
in the board. The board has a width of 150mm and a thickness of 12mm.
E=12Gpa. Assume the displacement of each end of the board relative to
its center is 75mm.
HW 7-Problem #3
Determine the equation of the deflection of the beam and specify the
slope at B and deflection at C. EI is constant. (please ignore x1, x2 and
HW 7-Problem #4
The beam is supported by a pin at A, a spring having a stiffness k at B,
and a roller at C. Use method of superposition to determine the force the
spring exerts on the beam. EI is constant.

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