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One Stop for Health & Nutrition
June 2014
Alliance to Transform CalFresh
 Members:
 Founding: 2011, to transform CalFresh participation by 2016
 Approach:
Data driven
Consumer focused
Alignment, wherever possible June 2014
ATC Goal for California:
75% CalFresh Participation by 2016
 Strategy #1: Maximize ACA and dual-enroll families –
most low-income families are eligible for both!
 Strategy #2: Reduce churn, to keep eligible people
connected to food.
 Strategy #3: Deliver same day customer service, to
make sure all eligible families get the food they need and
qualify for asap. June 2014
The ACA Opportunity for
“How can California be the
best at signing
people up for health coverage and the worst
at signing those same people up for food
assistance?” June 2014
The ACA Opportunity for
 More People eligible for Medi-Cal as of Jan
2014 (up to 138% FPL), so now most lowincome people under 65 are income-eligible for
both MC and CF.
 More Customer Service (e.g., call center
networks between counties).
 More Outreach, promotion, and application
assistance. June 2014
Why One Stop
for Health & Nutrition?
 Less red tape for families who are seeking help
if can tell story once (i.e., apply, verify, interview
for CF, etc).
 Greater chance families will get (and keep) both
supports as long as eligible and in need.
 Greater enrollment in CF and MC boosts federal
stimulus in local economy (e.g. grocery stores)
and relieves pressure on local charities. June 2014
Why One Stop
for Health & Nutrition?
 Less work for counties to dually enroll in one
stop (once can re-engineer process and re-train
workers to integrate intake and case mgmt...)
– Can leverage Express Lane: enroll in CF and
“express” onto MC (see ACWDL 14-06 here)
– Plus, State budget increases gross income eligibility
for CF to 200% (net still 100%), so more working
families with high expenses will get CF (and health)
 Less burden on other county emergency
services June 2014
What are the Opportunities
for your County?
1. New goals:
 More (X) eligible people who are participating in
Medi-Cal also participating in CalFresh
 More (Y) eligible people who are participating in
CalFresh also participating in Medi-Cal
 Overall, more (Z) eligible people in need of food
participating in CalFresh June 2014
County Opportunities, cont’d
2. New strategies:
– Integrated intake so families get both CF & MC in “one
stop” (and case management), especially with a) Express
Lane from CF to MC and b) new gross income test to
200% for CF
– Targeted in-reach to health: Assistance to MC enrollees
targeted as eligible for CF, and vice-versa (and other
programs like school meals and WIC)
– Integrated outreach: New combined outreach projects
with CBOs for CF and health for harder-to-reach groups
3. New plans:
– Plus, can provide updated, data-driven “County
Participation Plan” for CalFresh to CDSS and Legislature. June 2014
Data You Can Use:
Set Your Goal June 2014
Data You Can Use:
Track Your Progress
Your County’s Dual Enrollment Rates & Total Participation Numbers
from CDSS’s new Data Dashboard for CalFresh June 2014
 Talk to your county about this data and what the
best, most current data they have for MC/CF
enrollment show is happening in your county.
 CDSS Data Dashboard is still waiting on best
MC data since many MC apps still “pending.”
 Rates of dual enrollment may well drop in 1Q
2014, as people surge onto Medi-Cal, some
ACA challenges continue at all levels, and
counties need time to catch up with CF and truly
integrate intake. June 2014
Action Steps – Every County
1) Set a specific goal with/for your county based on
your baseline to maximize dual enrollment in MC
and CF -- either adopt the CBPP rates or calculate
a specific number to add to CF from MC.
2) Identify strategies already in use and to add – for
example, in-reach to MC lists, with a simplified CF
app; Express Lane to MC at CF intake, per ACWDL
14-06; integrated outreach for both.
3) Track data for progress -- in both dual enrollment
and overall participation -- focusing on trend by end
of year, to allow for ACA roll-out and new data
collection. June 2014
ATC Action Steps – State Level
 Tracking the Dual Enrollment Data statewide, quarterly – ATC & All
 Supporting new Integrated Application from Covered CA to
CF/Counties – CHHS Agency proposal coming to California Health
Exchange Board before August 2014 deadline (to build by
December 2015 deadline)
 Promoting on-going Express Lane from CF to MC by counties – ATC
working with DHCS, CDSS, and CWDA to track use
 Advocating for Reverse Express Lane from MC to CF – CDSS
proposal to USDA pending
 Aligning reporting of MC and CF – SB 1002 pending in legislature
(WCLP & CFPA, co-sponsors)
 Advocating for federal & state policy alignment (e.g., verifications,
telephonic signature for CF, interview for CF) – ongoing... June 2014
ATC Toolkit for County Advocates
 Website for all tools:
 “The ACA Opportunity for CalFresh” Fact Sheet
 “County Leaders and CalFresh: Three Steps ”
Fact Sheet
 CDSS Data Dashboard Quarterly Updates
 “How to use Dashboard” guide
 Blog with updates
 Links to resources (DHCS’s ACWDL on Express
Lane, SDHC’s Outreach Report) June 2014
County Advocates at Work
 Alameda – Allison Pratt, Alameda County
Community Food Bank
 Los Angeles – Yolie Anguiano & Alexis
Fernandez, California Food Policy Advocates
 San Francisco – Teri Olle, SF-Marin Food Bank
 San Diego – Amanda Schultz, San Diego
Hunger Coalition June 2014
Setting Goals for CalFresh Participation
in Alameda County
 Strong desire among leadership at Social
Services Agency and political support
 SSA is making dual enrollment a priority
 Linking with current initiatives to generate
excitement and support for new goals
– County Supervisor Wilma Chan’s “New War on
• Workgroup includes community organizations and SSA
leadership June 2014
Pursuing an In-reach Strategy
in Alameda County
 Food Bank has 11 year history of applying varied
outreach strategies
 For our in-reach strategy, we partnered with SSA
to design and send a mailer to 58,000
households receiving MediCal, but not CalFresh
– 4% return, double the normal benchmark for success
– High number of applications with 90% approval rate June 2014
Looking Ahead...
In Alameda County
 More in-reach; we’ve found this strategy to be
very cost-effective compared to our other large
– Current campaign includes 80,000 MediCal
households and 10,000 households ageing out of
• Mailing will be dropped in batches to control flow
 Other way to reach this population include
mapping and focusing on certain
neighborhoods, residences and businesses.
 Can we send a simplified application instead? June 2014
Coalition of Advocates Identified
Priority Strategies to Increase Dual
Enrollment in Los Angeles County
Nutrition for LA Families Coalition’s
Priorities for Dual Enrollment:
 “In-reach” to programs with similar
eligibility requirements
 Improve the electronic referral process
from CalHEERs (Covered California) June 2014
In-reach in LA County
DPSS electronic data
management system identifies
residents that are likely
CalFresh based on income
information provided for other
For example, Medi-Cal only
households with no share-ofcost
CalFresh solicitation Letter sent
to inform them of potential
CalFresh eligibility
Letter highlights potential
CalFresh benefit amount June 2014
Referrals from Covered CA
for CalFresh to LA County
DPSS Current Process
 Send informative CalFresh mailer to those
individuals who requested a referral to CalFresh
 Mailer highlights CalFresh enrollment options (e.g.
Advocates’ Request
 DPSS seamlessly initiates a pre-populated
application for CalFresh and sends to individuals
who requested referral to CalFresh June 2014
Ongoing Advocacy
in LA County
 As county continues to promote health care
enrollment, keep DPSS engaged in
implementing additional in-reach strategies &
solidifying a process for CalFresh referrals.
 Start a dialogue with the Board of Supervisors to
gain support for increased CalFresh participation
and maximized dual enrollment.
Questions? Contact
Yolie Anguiano at 213.482.8200 ext. 202 or [email protected]
Alexis Fernandez at 510.433.1122 ext. 111 or [email protected] June 2014
New Strategy
in San Francisco County
Outbound recruitment of targeted individuals
“Reach out to individual people instead of waiting for them to
come to us.”
 Medi-Cal
–9,000 clients under 130% FPL and not on CalFresh
Free School Meals:
–11,000 students on Free School Meals are not enrolled in CalFresh but
are eligible June 2014
Current Budget Prospects
in San Francisco County
Mayor’s proposed $2.1 million for FY 14-15 Mayor’s
(+ FY13-14 approved supplemental budget)
will fund:
 Two Outreach Teams of Eligibility Workers
– Focus
on Medi-Cal recipients, school children, and community-based
enrollment (such as successful “CalFresh in a Day”)
– First dedicated outreach staff in a decade
– Each team = 8 EWs and 1 supervisor
Food Security Task Force’s requested $195 thousand in
“Add Backs” would fund:
 CBO Outreach and Application Assistance at
community venues and to targeted individuals June 2014
Advocate Priorities
in San Diego County
 Implementation of AB 191: San Diego County
HHSA proactively created work-arounds to
implement AB191, raising the gross income test to
200% FPL for households with Medi-Cal recipients
(note new state budget now broadens to all at 200%
 Express Lane Enrollment: San Diego County
HHSA is working to ensure that Express Lane
Enrollment is being implemented, maximizing dual
enrollment in CalFresh and Medi-Cal. HHSA is
currently in the process of updating county program
guide materials and will be providing continued staff
training opportunities.
25 June 2014
 One Stop for Health & Nutrition Toolkit
 CDSS Data Dashboard for CalFresh June 2014
Kim McCoy Wade [email protected]
Allison Pratt [email protected]
Yolie Anguiano [email protected]
Alexis Fernandez [email protected]
Teri Olle [email protected]
Amanda Schultz [email protected] June 2014
Coming Soon...
More ATC Webinars & Toolkits on
Key Strategies to
Transform CalFresh Participation
 #2: Reducing “Churn” by Eligible People
 #3: Providing Same Day Service June 2014
Q&A June 2014
The Alliance would like to thank its
funders: June 2014

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