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Nansemond River
A New Direction
My background
• Played at Warwick High school in Newport
News, VA (played 3 years with Michael
• All District in High school
• Was on the first two teams at Christopher
Newport University (2 conference
• Never had a losing record as a player
• Began Coaching with Tommy Reamon at
Warwick High School for three seasons
• He left and I became the Defensive
Coordinator at Warwick for three seasons
under Current Phoebus High School
Coach Stan Sexton, went four games
without giving up a TD
• Warwick did not have a losing record
under Coach Sexton, he was 45-0 at
At Manassas Park
• Started with 33 kids on Varsity and JV,
increased that to 75.
• Won the district my last year at 7-3, top 10
defense in state
• Put more athletes into college than all
other sports combined
Forest Park
• Forest Park is a 6a school with 2400 kids
that had been opened for 14 years without
a winning season
• Year before I got there 0-10, then 2-8
• We went 3-7, 4-6 and then 9-4 and a state
quarterfinalist appearance ( we were 8
points from 11-2
• Every year we had at least 5 student
athletes play at the next level.
What kind of offense or defense
will we be?
• Offense• Defense
A New Direction and Goals
We will have offensive and defensive goals but these are some core principals
• Work harder than your opponent in
everything you do (weight room and
• Be better prepared than your opponent
• Build on core values- discipline (on time,
behavior, accountability, work ethic)
• A positive role model in the school and
On the Field Goals
Goal 1- Win more Games than last year
Goal 2- Winning Season
Goal 3- Get to Playoffs
Goal 4- Win a playoff game
Goal 5- Reach States
Goal 6- State Champion
Winning Begins in the Off-season
• You will be accountable for your offseason
• Our goal is to be the strongest team in the
district, You can control this!
Minimum Goals for Varsity Players
• Lineman
– Bench- 315 max
– Squat- 450 max
– Power Cleans 225 max
• Linebackers
– 275 Bench
– 415 Squat
– 225 Power Clean
• Secondary
– 250 Bench
– 375 Squat
– 215 power clean
This is a strongly recommended
• We will lift 4 days a week
• In the summer we will go to four days
• If you can not be there you need to let me or
a coach know face to face and they need to
be legitimate reasons. We will take
attendance daily. If you have something to
do you can leave early.
• I don’t know what you can do, so this and 7
on7s is a way to show me.
• Positions heading into camp will be based on
weight room attendance
Spring Off-season
• If you play another sport, I encourage you
to find at least 15 minutes one or two days
a week to lift weights, either in PE or after
• You can not win football games being a
weak team
• If you are a skill player, I encourage you to
run track for speed development
How this works!!!
• You will max the first day of weights in the
Spring. You will then get a print out of your
lifts and weight you do. Everything is done
by computer and the computer pushes you
to achieve our stated goals.
Weightlifting successes
• When I got to Manassas Park in 2008,
only two guys benched 225 5 times and no
one could squat over 400 or power clean
• Before this past season, 12 people
benched over 225, 8 people squatted 405,
and 7 people power cleaned 225
Forest Park Weightlifting Club
• Four lifts
Power Cleans
Power Press
• Three clubs
– 900
– 1000
– 1200
Each time you reach your goal, you get a t-shirt,
we will also try and hang banner in the weight
room showing the top five lifters for each lift
for ALL to see!!!!
7 on 7
• We will also do many 7 on 7s and I will
announce these when I find out
Team Camp
• We will attend a team camp either this
year or next depending on schedules
• I want to get to know about you and your
• Seniors you have a tremendous
opportunity to leave your mark
• Lets get after it!

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