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CPI's New Printed
Electronics Line-bringing
interactivity to print
Neil Porter
October 31st 2012
© CPI 2012. All rights reserved.
Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)
• UK-based technology innovation centre
• CPI’s Printable Electronics Centre focuses on
design, development and prototyping for the
emerging printable electronics industry
BPIF Labels Technical Seminar
• To demonstrate that any label
converter using commercially available
equipment can be part of the Integrated
Smart Systems supply chain through
printing of conductive inks in a standard
Technology Areas
Integrated Smart Systems
(ISS) and Sensors
OTFTs for Flexible Arrays © Sony
© Visionox
© Sony
© Visionox
CPI Printable
Electronics Process
Equipment &
© Aveso
© Molecular Vision
Solar Cells
State Lighting (SSL)
© UniSolar
© Thorn
Moisture / Gas Barrier Films
© GE
© Flisom
Integrated Smart Systems (ISS)
• Integrated Smart Systems are functional
items produced by the integration of
electronic components with circuits
prepared by traditional printing
Printed Electronic Devices
ISS technology
Market Areas
• Food/drink, tobacco, cosmetics, music, software &
FMCG packaging
• Pharmaceutical/healthcare applications
• Publishing
• Advertising
• Lightweight, robust inexpensive wiring looms
• Automotive, Aviation, architectural & military
• Within consumer products & industrial goods
• Brand protection & anti-counterfeit
ISS Equipment Criteria
• Print industry recognised equipment and processes
• Non clean room location
• Versatile enough to support wide range of
• Cost effective to run for development work but also
capable of small scale production runs
• Sufficiently instrumented to provide process feedback
• Ability to offer an upgrade path to support the ISS
technology roadmap
Layout of ISS Line
Non- Cleanroom
Combination Press based on…
16 “ modular reel to reel / sheet platform + auxiliaries
Can handle paper, carton board, films, foils & label stocks with
thicknesses of between 25-370 microns
Litho UV / Conventional
Screen UV and WB
Flexo UV / Solvent / WB
Gravure Solvent
Press prints offset litho, flexo, screen & gravure
-all interchangeable
Re-register from unit 1
- offering versatility to reproduce significantly larger presses
with multiple print stations
Ancillary On-Press Processes
De-Lam Re-lam
Cold Foil
UV Lamination
Die cutting & sheeting
ISS line
Print graphics (Nilpeter)
Print conductive circuits / devices. Inks available
for Flexo, Screen, Gravure, Litho
Add components and integrate into packaging to
create interactive products / smart packaging.
(Offline / online equipment)
Print conductive tracks
Example below Flexo silver 0.4 mm wide track printed using 15
CM3/M2 anilox Plate Kodak NX
Evaluating Inks / Materials
Drying / Curing
Production speeds
Measuring resistance
Recently printed trial for
large volume application
Cross section of Silver 5µm
Substrate PET
Analysis Equipment at CPI
• Material/ ink properties
– Rheometer
– Contact angle measurement
• Structural properties
– Optical microscopes
– Scanning Electron Microscope with
Elemental analysis
– Atomic Force Microscope
– White light interferometer
Screen Printer
• DEK Screen Printer
– for conductive ink &
structural adhesives
– print accuracy down to
10 microns
Pick and Place-component attachment
• Placement and attachment of
components onto conductive
adhesive or tape or print
• Able to position components of a
range of sizes
• Pick and place equipment with low
to medium volume focus and high
flexibility of component types
• Placement accuracy of 35 microns
Adhesive Curing
• Cure to form electrical & structural
connection between components and
printed circuit/substrate
• Oven - air drying adhesive systems
• UV Curing - Radiation cure adhesive
Cut & Crease / Converting
• To convert smaller quantities of
print into finished products and
• Esko digital cutting table
– Cut & crease boxes
– Kiss cut labels
• Trotec CO2 Laser
– Fine cutting
– Engraving
– Ablation of circuits
• CPI’s new ISS line opened in April 2012
• Equipped with commercial print,
packaging and electronics equipment
• Available for development, prototyping,
scale up and pilot production projects
Thank you
Bela Green
Neil Porter
Jon Helliwell
ISS Programme Manager
ISS Technical Print Manager
Business Development Manager
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
01740 625721
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01740 625811

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