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Election of 1932
 Franklin Roosevelt
Political Experience
Personality and Disability
Reform minded
Overwhelming victory!
 The New Deal
 Was not idle during 4 month waiting
 “Brain Trust”- diverse group of
influential men and women
 Promised the American people “A
New Deal”
The Hundred Days
 Bank Holiday, March 5
 March 9- June 16, 1933
 Intense activity
 New Deal legislation
 Fireside Chats
 Radio show
 Issues of public concern
 Clear, simple language
The Hundred Days
 Banking and Finance
 Regain public’s trust in banks
 Glass-Steagall Act (attempt to
reorganize banking)
 Established Federal Deposit Insurance
Act (FDIC)
 Federal Securities Act
 Provide complete information on all
stock offerings and made them liable
for any misrepresentation
 Securities and Exchange Commission
 Raise taxes by taxing alcohol
Ready for some “Alphabet Soup?”
Helping the American People
 Rural Help
 Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
 Raise prices, lower production
 Work Projects
 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
 Work building roads, developing parks,
planting trees, help in soil-erosion and
flood control projects
 Segregation in Virginia
 National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
 Money for states to create jobs in the
construction of schools and other
community buildings
 Civil Works Administration (CWA)
 4 million immediate jobs
Other Programs
 Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC)- provided
government loans to homeowners who faced foreclosure because
they could not meet their loan payments
 Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-furnish loans
for home mortgages and repairs.
 Federal Emergency Relief Administration
(FERA)- provide direct relief to the needy
 National Recovery Administration (NRA)- set price
of products and established standards
 Promote fair practices, promote industrial growth
FDR 1932
 "The country needs and, unless I mistake its
temper, the country demands bold, persistent
experimentation. It is common sense to take a
method and try it: If it fails, admit it frankly
and try another. But above all, try something."
American Liberty League
 Conservatives in 1934
 Wanted to defend and uphold the
 Opposed the New Deal
 Violated respect for rights of individuals and
Conservative Critics:
appeal to poor Americans
Dr. Francis Townsend
Charles Coughlin
Huey Long

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