Master Control for Faculty

Action Items for Faculty Using
Document Control
 Training for View Only was at the 1-23 faculty meeting
 If you missed it please attend the Editors/Approver session
 Editors/Advisor session is on 1/29 at 3:00 in M4243
 If you can’t attend the 1/29 session contact Dave
 Soon, you will receive by E-mail (see next slide) a training
Checklist and Competency:
 A. Please Complete either the View Only or
EditorsApprover training checklist
 Enter N/A for items that don’t apply to you
 Also please Complete the appropriate competency
exercise for the training received
View Only Checklist & Competency Form
Objectives of the Editor/Approver Competency
 After training is complete the editor or approver
shall be able to:
1. Search for documents.
2. Create and edit documents.
3. Approve documents.
*Depending on your role within your respective laboratory
you may perform 1, 2, or all 3 of these objectives. Your
training checklist should reflect which is most appropriate for
your role.
Go-LIVE February 18th
 This is when the Production version will be
This may or may not be your laboratory’s go-live
date based on whether validation and training and
competency are completed
You will need to re-sign in when Production goes
Use the same sequence you did for the test module
The sign in is reviewed in the next few slides
Master Control Test System
• View the rest of this PowerPoint in
Slide mode
• When you get to the last slide, click on
the link - it will take you directly to our
MasterControl Test site
• When you get to that site, save it as a
“favorite” on your browser
Caution, when you save to favorite
 This is a test site
 When you save in favorites save it as MC-TEST
 No changes you make will stay when you go to
LIVE on the 18th of Feb
 After Feb 18th, you’ll need to redo the “electronic
signature” exactly as you did in the test system
 Email if you lock yourself out or have a problems
 [email protected]
Below is the screen when you click on link
Favorites is here
Use UM uniquename
Use UM level 2 password
This is just the TEST site
Not the Production site
For MasterControl, your current electronic
signature is your uniquname in caps with a “2”
Your Current Electronic Signature is:
your uniquname in caps with a “2” after it:
e.g. DKEREN2
Your level 1 password
Your level 1 password
Your NEW Electronic Signature is:
your current level 1 password (Kerberos)
Answer at least 3 Security questions
Your Home Page has your Name
Hover Over MasterControl Icon to see
“My MasterControl” options
Searching by “My Organizers” to see files
Click on file of interest, Autopsy Procedures
Then select one, e.g. “Retention of Autopsy. . .”
You will need to X out of this pdf file
Simple Search by name (Autopsy Retention) in
Search Field
This brings you to the Document File Click on it
There are 13
documents that contain
the words used in your
Click on the document
folder to see them.
All Documents with “Autopsy Retention”
Click on eyeglasses with red pdf symbol
This brings you to the same procedure
You need to X out of this pdf file
Basic Search for “Cryoglobulins”
Clicking on the word “Search”
gives you this box.
Can search in many ways,
For this example, I’ve entered
Click on pdf Eyeglasses to see File
How to Find Links on Infocards (“Library Card”)
Simple Search for “Faxing”
Entering that search yields 3
documents. Select the Infocard
for the document you need
This is the InfoCard for “Faxing”
Click on “Attachments & Links”
Links & Attachments on InfoCards (“Library Cards”)
Entering that yields 3
documents and a link to a Utube video on Faxing. Click on
the pdf eyeglasses of the
document you need
Here is that document
Links & Attachments on InfoCards
Or Click on the link and watch
the U-Tube video on Faxing
Web Link
When you are ready to sign out,
Please use the “logout” NOT the X
When you Click on LOGOUT you get:
 Email if you lock yourself out or have a problem is:
 [email protected]
 MC-PROC-0007 MasterControl User Setup and Settings
 MC-PROC-0008 MasterControl Document Search
(Organizers, Virtual Folders, Saved Searches)
MasterControl Document Module Training Checklist-MCF-0002
10.0.5 Quick Start Card for Editors/Approvers-MC-J-0001
10.0.5 Quick Start Card for View Only Users-MC-J-0002
Try it!
 Log-in will only work if you are on a
UMHS computer or are VPN’d into the
 Initial log-in is your uniquename and
Level 2 password

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