Sample Project for 9/11

The Tragic Event
That Changed History
By: Chandler Kelser
What was 9/11
It was a normal day like any other. People going to work.
Children going to school. Then it hit. Two planes crashed
into the World Trade Center.Within two hours, the
buildings had fallen. Debris everywhere.Then a third
plane crashed into the Pentagon, headquarters of the
United States Defense Department. Finally, a fourth
plane aimed to crash into the United States Capitol, but
landed somewhere in Shanksville. About 3,000 people
died. 277 were civilians. 19 of them were hijackers.This
was the deadliest incident for firefighters.The United
States were being attacked.
Who Were The Attackers
The series of four terrorist attacks was
launched by Islamic group al-Qaeda.
Suspicion fell quickly on al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda
leader, Osama Bin Laden denied any
involvement, but in 2004 he claimed
responsibility for the attacks. Countries
around the world had strengthened antiterrorism legislation and law enforcement
Recovery from 9/11
Recovery from the 9/11 disaster took months
to complete and rescue the citizens. Cleanup was not completed until May 2002 and
fires took weeks to put out. Providing
financial assistance is still ongoing for the
survivors of 9/11.
Capturing Osama bin Laden
In a taped statement, bin Laden
acknowledged al-Qaeda’s involvement in the
attacks on the United States of America and
admitted his connection to the attacks. After a
10-year manhunt, al-Qaeda leader Osama
Bin Laden had been captured and killed by
American special forces.
Remembering 9/11
Many memorials are held around the world. One of the
first memorials was Tribute in light, where they put 88
lights where the World Trade Center used to be. Then
there is Reflecting Absence, it consists of shimmering
reflecting pools, list the names of all that had lost their
lives. Next, there is the Pentagon Memorial which
consists of 184 park benches and a landscape park. And
finally, there is Flight 93 National Memorial which
includes a sculpted grove of trees forming a circle
around the crash site.

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