Organizing the Student Work Display

New Orleans, GA
David Brothers
Senior University Lecturer
Interior Design Program Coordinator
School of Art + Design
NJIT – Second Year Design Studio 1985
The Kepler System at NJIT – A Share Point Application
A Classroom/Department Management and Evaluation Resource
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Visiting Team Project Room
Kepler Advantages
• Students can refer to past projects as part of permanent display and
effort to improve overall quality
• Faculty can be evaluated and student learning outcomes can be part of
teaching quality assessment
• Coordinators can monitor work by other sections
• Central repository for all course assignments and supporting
• Built-in archive system for accreditation
CIDA Response to Kepler
• Allowed Visiting Team to see more work than is generally available
• Liked ability to access off-site both during and after the visit (e.g., hotel
room in the evenings and during the 3-4 weeks while writing the follow-up
• Navigation was sometimes a bit cumbersome (they weren’t aware of the
slideshow feature)
• Search function could use more refinement (e.g., looking specifically for
furniture specs; would get images from History of Furniture class)
• They did recognize the limitations as a package system that was
currently being refined
Kepler Development
• Adding ‘Tags’ to refine search function. Not just by Standard but specific
qualitative identifiers; e.g., furniture specifications, color theory, etc.. This
will help CIDA more quickly find what they are looking for.
• Search function is linked to CIDA Matrix. (already developed for NAAB
Kepler Challenges for Implementation
• ALL work MUST be available in digital format in order for the system to
be effective. The digital culture must be ubiquitous and technology must
be embraced by students and faculty alike.
• There MUST be institutional ‘buy-in’ to its value. The entire faculty must
be on board.
• Need strong IT support and sufficient resources. Department or school
leader must be comfortable with digital milieu

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