Secretary - Virginia Cooperative Extension | Virginia Tech

Abbie Lucas
Southeast District 4-H
Cabinet Ambassador
Hampton City Unit
January 19, 2013
 Keeps
a log of all minutes throughout each
meeting. (No personal notes)
 Checks roll and retains an attendance log
 Writes and reads correspondences for the
club. (thank you notes, letters of support,
 Presides over the meeting if the President
and Vice President are absent
 Post
meeting notices and up coming events
 Keep a copy of the clubs plan of work, bylaws, constitution, etc.
 If
the club membership is large and
everyone’s face is not familiar, ask for an
assistant or membership secretary who is in
charge of their meeting attendance.
 Practice writing minutes based on the
structure of the agenda – (remember to
record the motions and actions)
 Make sure you ask for someone to repeat a
motion or report if you did not hear clearly
4-H Teen Club Agenda – November 11, 2012
Call to Order – Kate Belcher President
Pledges: American and 4-H
Minutes – Mounika Ponakala
Roll Call – Mounika Ponakala
Unfinished Business
State Wide Goal
Public Relations Committee Goals:
Congress meeting Goals
New Business
Congress Ideas
Dance, Banquet
Group Photo/Carnival/Elections
Service Project/Assemblies/Multimedia
4-H at the Capital
Character Counts! – Camp, Sports, School
(Next Meeting /Event February 11th -13th, 2013)

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