CPS for PowerPoint Plug-in

CIM Customer Webinar Series
CPS for PowerPoint Plug-in
(PC users only)
Prepared by Melissa Daniels, Lead Trainer
CIM Technology Solutions
What is the Plug-in and How does it work?
Create a New Presentation File
Insert CPS slides in an existing Presentation
Engaging questions
Delivery options and Reporting
What is the Plug-in?
• Use the CPS for PowerPoint Plug-in if you want to EMBED CPS
questions into actual PowerPoint slides instead of asking the
questions verbally. Think of the plug-in as an additional tool
you can use to customize your slide – just like screen
transitions or themes.
• The CPS for PowerPoint plug-in will utilize your existing CPS
database when you put the PowerPoint into Slideshow mode.
CPS Tools:
• Office 2003 users should see an additional CPS toolbar that
includes buttons for: Open CPS Database; Delivery Options;
Insert Question; Classes & Reports
• Office 2007 users should see a separate Tab along the top of
the screen for CPS that will display CPS for PowerPoint and
CPS groups on the ribbon
Create a New
Presentation File
1. Make sure that the CPS software is closed down.
2. Open CPS for PowerPoint using the desktop icon.
While it's opening, you will see some pop-up windows like
the ones seen when opening CPS software (e.g. the
eInstruction CPS "blue window"). Once everything has
initiated you should be looking at a blank PowerPoint
template as if you were starting a new document from
Create a New
Presentation File
3. Click on File>New to create a new PowerPoint. Insert questions for
slides where you would like students to respond with their clickers.
Click on the Insert Question button in the CPS toolbar and select
the appropriate question type template.
4. Type in the question and answer choice text as necessary.
5. Click on the
to the left of the correct answer choice. A
now appear.
6. Multiple Choice questions can be set up to allow for Multiple
Correct answers. A single correct answer is the default ( ).
Create a New
Presentation File
7. If multiple answer choices are applicable, click on the to the
left of either MC Any (a student can select ANY of the correct
answers to receive credit) or MC All (a student must select
ALL of the correct answers to receiver credit). A should now
8. Save your presentation when you are finished.
Insert CPS slides in an
existing Presentation
1. Launch CPS for PowerPoint and open an existing presentation that is
stored on your computer.
2. If all of the slides in the presentation are “teach” slides (there are no
questions), simply insert CPS Question slides when needed –
inserting questions helps break up a large presentation or is a great
way to check student comprehension as the lesson progresses.
3. If the presentation already has question slides that are not CPS
embedded, insert the CPS Question slide and then copy the
question and answer choice text from the original slide and paste to
the CPS Question slide.
4. Delete the original (non-CPS) question slide.
5. Use ‘save as’ when saving your CPS-embedded version so that you
still have the original presentation in its’ non-CPS format.
1. When you are ready to engage the PowerPoint, make sure
that your receiver is plugged in and it is communicating with
your computer.
2. Click on the Open CPS Database button on the CPS
toolbar/group. Click on the database that you created in CPS.
Typically it is the only database listed. Nothing will actually
"happen" but this action is what creates the relationship
between the PowerPoint and your CPS database so that you
can engage the questions and folks can respond with their
3. Put the PowerPoint in SlideShow mode.
4. The CPS Session Options window will display – this is the same
as the window that displays when verbal questions are
engaged in regular CPS.
5. Enter the Session Title, Session Category, and select the
desired class.
6. Once the receiver has been detected, a toolbar (similar to regular
CPS) will display .
7. Slides that DO NOT have CPS questions embedded will offer the
teacher the ability to ask verbal questions.
8. CPS Question slides will activate the
button on the toolbar.
Click Start when ready to begin the response session.
9. The Ballot Grid will display vertically on the right hand side of the
screen. The number blocks will match the number of students in
the selected class.
10. Click End to tally the responses.
11. When the presentation is complete, click to exit CPS.
**NOTE: A Presentation with CPS Question slides will not function
properly if both regular CPS and CPS PowerPoint software are
active at the same time.
1. From the CPS group, click on Reports; single-click the desired
Session Title
2. Click Generate
3. Select Report Type (right hand side).
4. Select Print Preview.
Note: Reports can be printed or saved to a variety of file types.

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