Trigger Training

Customer Gathering
Trigger Training
How to get a New MC started and paid
• Please understand it is important to
get a new MC paid and create success
right away by helping them trigger in
4 hours not 4 weeks
• Then it’s Game ON Exposure,
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure
• He who STP most WINS!
Clearly Help New MC Define “Why”
First and Foremost find out your new MC’s “Why” Clearly
help them define their Why! Write it Down with them.
Their “Why” will help when you’re making calls.
(Customer or Consultants)
Keep it short and to the point be Specific (Practice a 45
sec why)
(Ex: My why is to make additional money to send my child to college, to
get out of debt, to bring spouse home to raise our children, for my
retirement, to travel, etc )
Triggering System – Why it works?
1. Customer Bonus for
New MC in 4 Hours
not 4 weeks
2. Help Customers get
free electricity
3. Build a list of
prospects that were
not on MC’s list
4. Always have a
warm list
Customer List
with New MC
Call List with
New MC to
Work with New
Customers to gather
Step 1: Create the list WITH new MC
Create a working list of everyone and anyone they know, do it with
them don’t leave it up to them to do alone.
Who was the first person you thought about that would like free
electricity, reduce their expenses, Sharpest Most Ambitious Person
you know, etc: Begin to write down names as they tell you
Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Negative Relative or Friends don’t
leave anyone off the list….Who would help you change a tire at 3 am
or call you to change a tire at 3 am?
ASK? - Who is your Dr, nurse, sold you your car, insurance agent, dry
cleaner, nail tech, hair dresser, dog groomer, teacher, coach, PTA,
gym you attend, where you frequently eat or visit, the teller at the
bank, the rep that helped you open an account, your cell phone rep,
computer rep, sold you your last pair of shoes? (Grab a phonebook)
Build It Bigger!!- Mention States
Who do you know in Texas, Illinois, Maryland, New York,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts &
Washington DC ?
What other states do you know people in? Where were
you born, where were you parents born, children born
you get the picture.
Is your MC comfortable making calls?
Ask your new MC’s how comfortable they are speaking to friends
and family members . Have they made calls in the past? Have they
been involved in Network Marketing?
You may think this is a silly question, if you don’t establish this right
away, your new MC will sit on that written list for weeks and
sometimes months without picking up the phone and then after 3060 days most likely never hear from them again. (WPP)
Establish confidence between you and
new MC
• So _______ do you feel confident enough
that I know enough about Ambit to help
you with your initial calls?
• Set them at ease that they are in
business for themselves but not by
Time to Make Some Calls
After comfort level established
MC Make a call and says: Hello____, (get small talk out of the way)
If I could help you earn free electricity would you be open to listen to what I found?
If I could help you eliminate a bill you have habitually paid for all your adult life would you be open
to listen to what I have found?
If I found something that won’t inconvenience you or cost you anything would you do me a favor?
Great, By Me helping you reduce your electric bill; you will help me get my first
promotion!! (If any objections then interject your why, if not move on to enrolling
them).____,remember when I told you that (Insert your why)
Transition Call to Sponsor
I have my trainer here to help me, since I don’t have all the answers I am going to place
you on speaker phone so I can learn at the same time ok , ______ this is my _____ I told
you about.
Sponsor Says: Hello Mary, Billy tells me you typically look for a good sale or bargains is
that true? (Find out a hot button about the person you’re calling)
Well Billy and I are working on a project that will substantially reduce your electric
cost and potentially get it for free. How does that sound Mary?
Imagine potentially eliminating a bill you’ve been paying for all your adult life!!
Ask for Bill
Terrific Mary, let me ask you something do you have a copy of
your latest electric bill so I can see if you qualify for this
incredible offer? (this line is great because their thinking qualify!)
Wait until they give you an answer and say “Great I will hold on
the line while you get your bill”.
Proper Cost Analysis
Let’s Do A Quick Analysis – Use Ambit Savings Calculator on
your Join Ambit Site or Do this simple calculation
Step 1. - Total Bill Amount minus (Taxes ) = Sub-Total (Tx)
Step 2. - Sub-Total / Current Kilowatt Usage on Bill= Current Cost
Step 3. - Sub-Total / Ambit Kilowatt Usage on Bill= Ambit Cost
Step 4 – Current Cost – Ambit Cost = Savings
Do a quick analysis
Customers only look at the line next to the total KWH
and do not realize that there are other fees that make
up the true bundled rate in TX and in the other
markets you’re only asking for the energy usage rate,
BGE, PPL and PECO, etc.
Sign them up
Go to www.( your Ambit handle ) and Enroll customer
Get an account #A1234567
Third Party Verify your customer (don’t leave it up to playing phone
tag with the verification dept. And very important to walk the
customer thru the questions that will be asked before you get TPV
on the line.
Verification Numbers / 1-866-942-6248 TX,PA, IL, NY, NJ (Automated
system) /1-800-506-3151 MD (Live operators)
Let the triggering begin
Sponsor: Now Mary(Mary is the new customer) since the goal
here is to help you earn free electricity I’m sure as I was
helping you become a customer you have already thought of
other folks that would like free electricity, correct? Or reduce
their electric bill, correct?
Sponsor: Great, who might that be?
Now at this point start creating a names list while you have
them on the phone…(If there is a pause say, who’s your
neighbor and go from there)
Customers helps get Customers! 
Great Mary, lets give Joe a call , Mary when Joe answers get
small talk out of the way and say to Joe, “
Joe the most incredible thing just happened my nephew Billy is working
on a project that just reduced by electric bill by___% and he is going to
potentially help me eliminate it altogether and as my friend I thought of
Joe, at this point may say something like, “What, What do you mean, How
is he going to do that?”
Customers helps get Customers!
Mary: I figured you would say that so hold on a second let me let you
speak with the person that is helping my nephew with this project to
explain what she/he explained to me.
At this point (Sponsor) Thank Mary for becoming her nephews first
customer and says “Mary as you know it only takes 15 customers to
upgrade their services with Ambit and you will never have to pay an
electric bill again, so keep working on the list we started together
and I’ll call you when Joe has upgraded his services, OK?
What is Joe thinking now after you said that statement to Mary?
Enroll Referred Customer
Now duplicate the process you did with Mary, with Joe.
When you’re ready to enroll Joe as a new customer go to
Mary’s account
Once you have established Joe’s account A2345678 and
you have verified his order ask Joe the same question
you asked Mary..
Create list with referred customer
Create a names list with Joe like you did with Mary and
repeat the process.
OK for training purposes lets say Joe gives you Harry
and you go thru the process and Harry is ready to switch
now you go to repeat
this process in TX until you have actually enrolled 4
customers if you can’t be your own customer or 3 if you
can. And in IL, MD, PA, NY & NJ you would need 5 actual
customers, 4 if you can be you own customer.
Triggering System – Why it works?
2 customer pt $100.00 (All
Other States)
Billy - Consultant
Mary - Customer
2 additional
customer pts $200.00
Joe - Customer Referral
Harry - Customer Referral
Keith - Customer Referral
3 customer pt $100.00 (All
Other States)
(All Other
2 additional
customer pts $100.00 (All
Other States)
Cha Ching $$$
New MC Billy has now triggered his jumpstart 1 and Dbl
or Triple bonus in a 4 hour timeframe and not 4
What does Ambit say when they send you an Alert when
a new MC signs up, “Get a check in their hands right
away by (helping) them get their first 4(TX) or 5 (NY,
MD, PA, IL or NJ) customers? You did it!!
Now your new MC is happy because you have put a
check in their hands the first week they began their
business and now they are ready to Fast Track to RC
because they got their 5 of the 5 2 6 out of the way.
Building block to going SC, Help 3 MC’s go RC
Let the Fun Begin
At this point if there is still time in the evening to work
the A list to help expose the opportunity to potential
prospect jump on it.
Begin calling the sharpest most ambitious friends or
family they have on their list and help them get started
And remember Plug into the System so the system will
work for you……Commit to your Dreams!!!!
All you’re asking for is 20 minutes of their
• Don’t get weird in this process
• Ask someone what they are currently
doing when you called
• Your job is to get them in front of a
computer no more no less
Ask your prospect
• Can you carve 20 minutes right now to
review something online with me
• If they say yes then say “Let me know
when your in front of your computer”
• Type www.(Webhandle)
• You must be in control of the process
If they are not in front of a computer
• Then ask them when they will be
• Then and only then are you giving
them the website. Don’t email, don’t
• Ask yourself how many times have you
given your site out and they haven’t
Prospect on website
• Once they pull up the site then tell
them to watch it from beginning to
end and you will call them in 20
minutes to get their input. Remember
you carved 20 minutes for me so no
interruptions allowed right?
• Then immediately get on the next call
Do this process over and over again
• STP STP STP he who shows the plan
most WINS!!!!!
• When 20 minutes passes then call
back your prospect and immediately
get them on a 3 way call with you
upline partner
3 way call with a SC or above
• Ask you prospect: What did you like best? Did
that make sense to you?
• So are you ready to get started or do you have
any questions? Whatever they say, say hold on
a second..
• 3way your 3 way leader, make a brief
introduction to leader and to caller and then
mute you phone. (Do not ask caller
permission to get someone on the phone)
Cold Market Nuggets
Find a need Fill a need
FORM, Family, Occupation, Recreation & Message or Money
If they ask what you do, be prepared with a 45 sec elevator
speech (Mine goes like this, I help professional and non
professional set up retirement income or 2ndary income) At this
point they always ask “Well how do you do that” Glad you ask,
since I’m in a bit of a hurry now let me get your contact
information and I will call you and go over the detail when I have
more time
All the Best
• Get Plugged In Stay Plugged In
• Promote Promote Promote
• Speed over strategy
See You At The Top

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