Powerpoint Presentation of The Buzz! 2013

Welcome to The Buzz!
Carleton College
New Student Week
September 11, 2013
Patrick Gordon, MA, Area Director & Drew Weis, PhD, LP, SHAC Counselor
Fear-Based Programs don’t work,
They can be good
for a laugh…
What about Abstinence Programs…
How successful are abstinence programs like
In its first 20 years, 11 rigorous studies were
conducted on D.A.R.E.
Per West & O’Neil (2004) how
many of those rigorous studies
found that D.A.R.E. reduced highrisk substance use?
A. 11 out of 11
B. 7 out of 11
[MC Any]
[MC All]
C. 3 out of 11
D. 0 out of 11
What does work?
Education – Harm-reduction (to a degree)
Bystander intervention
Consistently enforced policy
Work smart,
play smart!
Play Smart: Know the Law
The legal drinking age in
Minnesota is…
Know the Law
Under age 21 and consuming alcohol on or off
- Mandatory minimum fine is $100…
Northfield’s Social Host Ordinance: Residents of
a location in which a minor (under age 21) is served
alcohol can be fined up to $1000 and could serve up
to 90 days in jail
New Law: ?
New “Bystander Intervention” Law
If someone calls for help for self or another student,
cooperates with responders, and provides ID…
No underage ticket will be given.
(New MN Law as of August 1, 2013)
Know the Community Standards
1. Go to go.carleton.edu/handbook
2. Select 2nd link: “Health and Safety”
3. Select “Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy”
Some key points to remember:
Alcohol is not allowed in public spaces
Alcohol must be in single-serving containers
Limit of 5 guests per resident in your room.
Hard alcohol and multiple-serving containers must be
registered and served by a college-approved 3rdparty vendor
High-risk alcohol-related activities (e.g.,
progressives, drinking games, drinking-themed
parties, beer bongs) are PROHIBITED.
Any Items used for illegal drugs of the will be
confiscated and not returned.
Know the ReDD Flags
What do Carls have to say
when asked, “What do you wish
you knew your first year?
“I wish I’d known” Video 1
What Is A Standard Drink?
12 oz. beer
10 oz. microbrew
10 oz. wine cooler
8 oz. malt liquor
8 oz. ice beer
8 oz. Canadian beer
6 oz. ice malt liquor
4-5 oz. wine
2 ½ oz. fortified wine
1 ½ oz. 80 proof hard alcohol
1 oz. 100 proof hard alcohol
Let’s Pour a Few…
Can you Pour a Standard Drink? Game
BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and
Intoxication are influenced by many factors
• Genetics
• Sex
• Weight
• Fatigue
• Medication
• Hydration
• Illness
• Stomach contents
(e.g., food, sugar)
• Type of drink
• Drinking rate
• Altitude
• Expectancies
• Tolerance
• Other drugs
Effects by BAC level
BAC of .02%: Feeling relaxed (about 1 standard
drink in < 1hr)
BAC of .04%: Relaxation continues, buzz
develops (about 2 standard drinks in < 1 hr)
BAC of .05%: most people’s “sweet spot” (about
2 standard drinks in < 1 hr, and 1 standard drink
per hour after that)
Know the Numbers: BAC
BAC of .06%: Cognitive judgment is impaired
BAC of .08%: Motor control is impaired, Nausea
can appear
BAC of .10%: Obvious deterioration of motor
control and cognitive judgment
BAC of .15% to .25%: Black outs
BAC of .25% to .35%: Lose consciousness,
Passed out/ Non-responsive, RISK of DEATH
Skin feels cool?
Skin is pale or
BAC of .40% to .45%: Typically a LETHAL DOSE
Know the Numbers: BAC
The trick with BAC is that many factors influence it,
for example, sex characteristics…
 160 lb (72 kg) male-bodied student (MBS)
 120 lb (54 kg) female-bodied student (FBS)
Both have 5 standard drinks over 3 hours
If all other factors are constant, what BAC will each
obtain after those 3 hours?
Know the Numbers: BAC
160 lb male-bodied student (72 kg)
.069% BAC
(judgment impaired)
120 lb female-bodied student (54 kg)
.139% BAC
(judgment & motor control obviously
impaired, close to blacking out)
Can you know Your Numbers?
 BAC tables, wallet cards, and apps typically consider only
sex, weight, and drinking duration, so they offer only very
rough approximations
 Android App: AlcoDroid
 iPhone App: BAC Alcohol Calculator
Play Smart: Tolerance
Classical Conditioning Theory (e.g., Pavlov’s dogs)
Play Smart: Tolerance
Classical Conditioning Theory
Early models of drug tolerance assumed that
the body built up a resistance to the effects of a
Siegel & Ramos (2002) were the first to show
that classical conditioning serves as a better
Tolerance: Classical Conditioning
Tolerance: Classical Conditioning
Tolerance: Classical Conditioning
Tolerance: Classical Conditioning
Tolerance: Classical Conditioning
What do Carls have to say when
asked, “What do you wish you
knew your first year?
“I wish I’d known” Video 2
Know your limits:
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has
identified the number of drinks most
associated with negative consequences
physically ill
accidental self-injury
overdose requiring medical intervention
involved in property damage or personal
For female-bodied students, what
are the CDC cutoffs for high-risk
drinking in one episode?
[MC Any]
[MC All]
3 or more drinks
4 or more drinks
5 or more drinks
6 or more drinks
For male-bodied students, what
are the CDC cutoffs for high-risk
drinking in one episode?
[MC Any]
[MC All]
3 or more drinks
4 or more drinks
5 or more drinks
6 or more drinks
Current Alcohol Use
Carleton College Students
(Past 30 days)
All student
High-Risk Drinking
Carleton College Students
(Past 2 weeks)
All student
Ages 21 to 23 are the peak years for engaging in high-risk drinking
Top Harm Reduction Strategies…
Avoid situations where heavy drinking is likely to
occur (42%, MyStudentBody.com – Class of ‘17))
Hang out with those who don’t drink or don’t drink
excessively (58%, MSB ‘17)
Eat before and/or while drinking (71%, MSB ‘17)
Track how many drinks you’ve had (75%, MSB ‘17)
Stay with the same group of friends while drinking
(84%, ACHA)
Determine how you will get home before starting out
(91%, MSB ‘17)
Factors that protect against high-risk
Close friendships, especially with students who
drink responsibly or not at all
Effective stress management
Limited access to hard liquor and large volumes
of alcohol (e.g., handles, kegs, etc)
What do Carls have to say when
asked, “What do you wish you
knew your first year?
“I wish I’d known” Video 3
Carls Help Carls
And that’s the spirit of
Bystander Intervention
And, per MyStudentBody.com, many of
you have already helped your friends…
Intervening with someone who is rude or
Seeking help when you see dangerous behavior
Assisting in an alcohol-related medical emergency
Telling friends when they’ve had too much (70%)
Helping a friend who may have a drinking problem
What if your friend is “scary drunk”?
Give them any medication or caffeine
Try to keep them awake
Give them a cold shower
Induce vomiting
Carls help Carls!
What if your friend is scary drunk?
Assess the situation
Get help (an RA is a good first choice)
Keep the person on his/her side to avoid
choking on vomit
Call Security Services (507-222-4444) if it’s a
medical emergency or the student is
Forgot to take notes on that last part?
Your Lagniappe provides a more detailed list of
do’s and don’ts on the final page if you are
concerned about a drunk person
What’s the take-home message
with all of this?
Be well informed.
Be smart. (Work smart, play smart!)
Take care of yourself and each other.
Have fun in lots of different ways.
You can even invent your own fun, just ask Austin
Hall ‘10…
Did you know that a Carl invented
Daft Hands?
Austin Hall (Class of ‘10)
Originator of Daft Hands
Filmed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
That’s just one of many ways Carls
have fun without high-risk drinking.
Know your Resources
Residential Life
Security Services
Dean of Students Office
Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)
Know your Peer Leaders
New Student Week Leaders
Resident Assistants (RAs)
OIIL Peer Leaders (OPLs)
Gender and Sexuality Center Associates (GSAs)
Career Advisors (CAs)
Chaplain’s Associates (also CAs)
TRIO/SSS Peer Leaders
CCCE Student Coordinators (SCs)
Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB)
Student Wellness Advocates (SWAs)
Student Wellness Advocates
SWAs provide campus programs on
Physical Health
Substance Use
Mental Health
Sexual Health
SWA program sponsored by SHAC
(Student Health and Counseling)
Ask your RA to request a SWA program!
Your SWAs
Events are an inclusive space. Anyone is
welcome, regardless of typical drinking
habits, as long as you respect everyone
in attendance.
Stop by the KnightLife table at the
Student Organization Fair on Friday,
September 20th
Thank You!

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