Small Business Innovative Research Program
The Small Business Innovation Development Act (1982, 1992) requires
each federal agency with a R&D budget exceeding $100M to establish a
SBIR program with the purpose of
1) Stimulating technological innovation;
2) Using small business to meet federal R&D needs;
3) Encouraging participation by minority and disadvantaged
persons in technological innovation; and
4) Increasing private sector commercialization derived from
federal R&D.
Each agency makes its own awards using contracts, grants or
cooperative agreements.
Who conducts the research or work?
Principal Investigator must spend > 50% time employed
by small business at time of award and during conduct of
the effort.
Proposing Firm must perform  2/3 research and/or
analytical effort during Phase I and  1/2 during Phase II.
Subcontractors or consultants (including university
researchers) may perform the remaining work.
Agency R&D Interests
Agencies with distinct missions (defense, energy, NASA, …) focus
on solving specific targeted problems of interest to the agency, and
their R&D is usually conducted with direct applications in mind.
• Emphasis is on originality and innovativeness in the approach to
solving a problem.
Agencies with missions to support generic science/technology
(NSF, NIH) solicit research aimed at solving problems that enhance
knowledge in selected areas of agency interest.
• Emphasis is on originality and innovativeness in the contribution to the
scientific/technical discipline.
The Solicitation
“Rules” for submission of a proposal to the agency
• Topics on which proposals may be submitted
• Eligibility criteria for awards
• Information to be included in proposals
• Evaluation criteria
• Procedures (proposal length, deadlines, …)
• Budget (total funding, limits, profit allowed, …)
Categories of Solicitation Topics
• Produce a product with performance characteristics
described in the topics statement
• Solve a particular problem important to the agency’s
• Perform research in a technical area, the
advancement of which would have implications for
the agency’s future needs
Department of Agriculture
January 1, 2002
August 29, 2002
Department of Commerce
October 30, 2001
January 16, 2002
Department of Defense
SBIR 2002.1
SBIR 2002.2
December 3, 2001
July 1, 2002
January 16, 2002
August 14,2002
Department of Education
Exact Date TBD
Late January 2002
Exact Date TBD
Mid April 2002
Department of Energy
October 15, 2001
January 15, 2002
Department of Health and
Human Services
--National Institutes of Health (PHS
-National Institutes of Health
-Center for Medicare/Medicaid
-Administration for Children and
Web address
Dec 21, 2001
January 2, 2002
November 9, 2001
April 1, 2002
August 1, 2002
December 1, 2002
March 31, 2002
April 1, 2002
June 30, 2002
Department of Transportation
February 15, 2002
May 1, 2002
January 21, 2002
March 28, 2002
March 21, 2002
May 23, 2002
June 6, 2002
August 8, 2002
March 1, 2002
June 12, 2002
August 8, 2001

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