Chapter 14 Ender`s Teacher

By Orson Scott Card
Discussion – Chapters 14-15
Ender’s Teacher
Chapter 14
 How is Eros different than the
Battle School?
 Ender's training?
 His social activities?
 Opportunities for comradeship?
Chapter 14
“ What are you doing, he wanted to
ask. Judging me? Determining
whether or not you want to trust
the fleet to me? Just remember
that I didn’t ask for it.” (p.259)
Chapter 14
 Describe how Ender and Mazer
first meet…
 What does he learn?
Chapter 14
 How did they manage to keep Mazer
Rackham around for 70 years so he could be
Ender's teacher?
 What did it cost him?
 What does this tell you about sacrifice?
 In your opinion – is he a good or a bad
example for Ender as a commander?
Chapter 14
“Humanity does not ask us to be
happy. It merely asks us to be
brilliant on its behalf.” (p. 277)
Chapter 14
 What things did humanity learn from the
 How did Rackham win the second war?
 Why would buggers not see killing individuals
the same way humans would?
 What is “Dr. Device?”
“Ender settled into the routine
that was the destruction of
himself.” (p. 287)
Chapter 14
 What are some of the signs that
the constant pressure is wearing
on Ender and his squad leaders?
Chapter 14
 How does Ender “win” the war?
 Ender thinks he “cheated” – what does that
say about his character?
 Why do you think they had to lie to him?
Chapter 14
 What happens on Earth as soon as the
Bugger War is over?
 Were Peter and Valentine right?
 Why are Ender and the other “kids”
potentially in danger?
Speaker for the Dead
Chapter 15
 This chapter begins with another dialogue,
only this time it's presented as a regular
narrative. What is a NARRATIVE?
 Why does Card change styles?
 What important changes are about to take
place on Earth?
Chapter 15
 It's not often that a writer will provide such a
long epilogue, or conclusion, at the end of a
novel. Generally there's a climax - BANG! and just a little bit of mopping up afterwards.
This is not the case here.
 What are the significant developments in this
Chapter 15
 Why did Val (using her Demosthenes
persona) make it so that Ender could not go
back to Earth?
 What is her plan?
 What is Ender's objection to it?
Chapter 15
 Eight years after they reach their
colony world, Ender gets a big
 What is it?
“He had been dreaming that the
Buggers were vivisecting him. Only
instead of cutting open his body, they
were cutting up his memories and
displaying them like holographs and
trying to make sense of them. It was a
very odd dream.” (Chapter 14, p. 278)
Chapter 15
 The Hive Queen's communication with Ender
confirms Rackham's theories about why they
invaded and takes them a little further.
 What does Ender learn?
 What is Ender's response?

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