Electromagnetic Spectrum Quiz

Electromagnetic Spectrum Quiz
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1. How much of the
electromagnetic spectrum
can be see with the
human eye?
None of the electromagnetic spectrum
Only a very small portion of the
electromagnetic spectrum
All of the electromagnetic spectrum
Most of the electromagnetic spectrum
2. The diagram below is an example
• A. Refraction
• B. Reflection
• C. Absorption
• D. Transmission
3. The diagram below shows
the______of light rays.
A. Refraction
B. Reflection
C. Transmission
D. Absorption
4. Light rays always travel in straight lines until
they hit an object. If they enter a new medium
at an angle, then the light rays bend slightly.
This is called_______
• A. refraction
• B. Reflection
• C. Absorption
• D. Transmission
5. The color with the longest
wavelength is_________.
• A. Blue
• B. Yellow
• C. Red
• D. Violet
6. Ricky is exploring underwater sea life. He turned
on his flashlight to look at an octopus. How will the
light most likely travel underwater?
• A. The light beams will follow the wave
pattern of water.
• B. The water will bend the light upward
towards the surface.
• C. The light will travel through the water in a
straight line.
• D. The water will bend the light downward
towards the surface.
7.Name a benefit and a harmful effect
of ultraviolet radiation.
8. A ball bouncing off a wall is similar to
light being__________ off a wall.
A. Refracted
B. Reflected
C. Absorbed
D. Transmitted
9. An object that does not allow the
transmission of light is _________.
A. Transparent
B. Translucent
C. Clear
D. Opaque
10. You can see yourself in a mirror
because of____________.
A. Diffuse reflection of light off the mirror
B. Regular reflection of light off the mirror
C. Refraction of light in the mirror
D. Absorption of light by the mirror
Bonus -3pts each
1. Name three electromagnetic waves and tell me one
way it is used in our lives.
2. Give me three different media that light can travel
through. Air, water, glass
3. Explain how you see a red apple as the color red. Red
light is reflected off the apple to our eyes, the other
colors are absorbed.
4. When white light is refracted by a prism, what
happens to the light you see? Why? White light is
refracted and separated into the rainbow colors
because white light is made up of these colors. The
different wavelengths are seen as colors

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