Wireless Power Technology

0 All of the devices we use in
our every day life need
battery in order to work.
0 Most of the people do not
have any battery left on
their devices by lunch time.
0 Scientists are trying to
develop a new technology
which is called Wireless
0 First researcher of Wireless Power is Nikola Telsa in
1891. He wanted to give Wireless Power to the world.
0 In 2009, HP created the smartphone called Palm Pre
with Palm touchstone wireless charger.
0 In 2012, a group from the University of Utah
developed an efficient wireless power system for
biomedical implants.
0 Recently, in 2013, a concept of a virtual waveguide
controlled by magnetic fields for wireless power
transmission was proposed.
0 This technology requires two coils the transmitter and
the receiver.
0 A current travels in the transmitter coil generating a
magnetic field.
0 This generates voltage in the receiver coil therefore
generating energy.
0 Always have our devices charged
0 Cleaner Earth
0 Significant reduction of carbon emissions
0 Exposure to magnetic
0 Who is going to pay for
0 Government regulations
on where each product
can be sold
0 The Idependent
Scientific committee has
published guidelines for
a maximum exposure
0 Always need battery in order for our devices to work
0 With Wireless Power Technology devices will be fully
charged all the time
0 Wireless Power will free us from having to carry
chords and cables around and finding plugs to
connect our devices.
0 Wireless Power will be everywhere in a few years,
from cellphones to automobiles
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