Skeletal Physiology Test

Skeletal System Test
Anatomy is 38 pts
Physiology is 42 pts
Total 80 pts (minimal proficiency is 48)
Big Phys ?
• Bone growth…must convince me that
you comprehended lecture, reading
and video material. Be thorough!
– Lengthwise and widthwise
– Important hormones
– Stress and gravity
• For many of the short answer
questions, you have a choice.
So, pay attention and answer
those questions you know the
most about!
Choose one of these two questions
• Why is osteoporosis a big
• Fetal skull fontanels…what
are they for? What can a doc
use them for?
Choose one of these two questions
• Function of pectoral/pelvic
• What structures in the facial
bones can be affected by
allergic reactions?
Choose one of these two questions
• Categories of joints and the amount
of movement each type allows
• Processes are found throughout the
axial skeleton. Thoroughly discuss
(w/ egs) 3 different processes and
their roles.
You must answer all of the following:
• One picture of a long bone with a word bank
to label
• Function of the 4 ligaments of the knee
• Homeostatic imbalance of bones affecting
function of skeletal system
You must answer all of the following:
• What about the sternum makes it
an ideal location for gathering bone
• Case study (5pts)

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