Win8 on Intel Programming Course
Win8 and Intel
Paul Guermonprez
[email protected]
Intel Software
Windows 8
The concept
Beautiful, because users want more than a tool
Designed for touch
No compromise on mouse usability
Ultrabooks and tablets,
inspired by intel
The concept
Beautiful, because users want more than a tool
Flexible :
Mouse and keyboard when you need to edit,
touch when you browse or consult
Ultimate mobile device :
peak computing power when you need it,
saving battery life the rest of time
Ultrabooks, inspired by intel
Beautiful, thin and strong
A few designs
Ultrabooks, inspired by intel
Example of an Ultrabook with a touch screen :
Asus Vivobook
Ultrabooks, inspired by intel
Example of a detachable design :
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2
Ultrabooks, inspired by intel
Example of a detachable design :
Asus Vivotab
Ultrabooks, inspired by intel
Flexible convertible : Lenovo Yoga
Ultrabooks, inspired by intel
Touch on 2 screens : Asus Taichi
A perfect match
Win8 Ultrabooks and Tablets
The perfect match
Win8 was designed for both touch and
mouse/keyboard interfaces,
because most users need both.
Ultrabooks and tablets are proposing fantastic
intel based designs working in both modes.
Win8 Ultrabooks and Tablets
Be aware
Be aware that not all devices running Win8 are intel
based, and they may not propose the same
features and performances.
If you want to be able to run your typical
windows applications on the desktop, you may
want to pick an intel based design.
The challenge
Win8 Ultrabooks and Tablets
What’s new ?
Win8 on Intel devices has everything
to be a success.
But programming for Win8 is different.
And users expect more than the typical
applications on the desktop : they want nice
design, touch enabled apps, smart apps using
sensors …
Win8 Ultrabooks and Tablets
The challenge
For developers, it’s a challenge : new users, new
expectations, design requirements, need to rethink
usage models … etc.
But intel is here to help :
We have this full Win8 course
We are proposing hackathons to let you
experience and develop on intel designs.
We have app contests for motivation.
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