Integrating Property Management, Employment & Tenant

Employing Tenants in Development
and Building Operations
Presented by
Community Housing Partnership
San Francisco, California
• Elizabeth Hewson
– Director of Employment and Training
• Brett Vaughn
– Director of Property Management
• David Schnur
– Director of Housing Development
• Isabella Marshall
– Building Manager
Community Housing Partnership
Agency Overview
• Formed in 1990 to address an Alternative to the
Homeless Crisis in San Francisco
• CHP formed by two community based groups
– Council of Community Housing Organizations
– Coalition on Homelessness
• Purpose
– To integrate permanent, affordable housing with
support services, training and employment
opportunities offering tenants a range of resources to
achieve stability and independence.
Community Housing Partnership
Agency Mission
• It is the goal of CHP to provide an
environment that fosters independence with
a special emphasis on employment, to help
break the cycle of homelessness.
Employment & Training Department
• Emphasis of the Organizational Mission.
• Partnership with Property Management and Tenant
• Employment and Training are keys to increasing
self-sufficiency and ending the cycle of
Why Hire Tenants?
• Organizational Mission
• Investment in the Community
• Meet Hiring Requirements of Project
– HUD Section 3
– Local Program Requirements (SF – Section 3+)
Strategies for Employing Tenants in
the Rehabilitation/Construction of
Affordable Housing
Community-based Agency
City First Source Hiring Administration
CDC MOU with the Contractor
Tenant Work Crew
Universal Guidelines
• Consider Hiring Expectations when
Selecting the General Contractor
• Signed Written Agreement in Place
• Clear Hiring Goals and Methods of
• Adequate Pre-Employment Preparation of
• Participant Supports in Place
Tenant Volunteer Crew
• Preparation of Hiring Plan for Work Crew
• Structure of Work Crew
• Goals & Outcomes
Property Management Department
• Commitment to Organizational Mission
– Largest department employing formerly homeless
persons and tenants.
• Participation in Employment & Training Programs
• Partnership with Tenant Services and Employment
and Training
Pre-Employment Preparation and
• How do you get tenants interested and
prepared to work?
• What kinds of training opportunities are the
most effective?
• What if my organization doesn’t have the
resources to train tenants?
Hiring Practices and Policies
• What considerations should be made to
existing and/or new hiring practices and
• What types of accommodations should be
made to ensure success?
Staff Retention: Policies and Practices
to Support Staff and Promote Success
• What kinds of support do you provide to
tenant employees?
• How do you help tenant employees
maintain appropriate boundaries between
personal and professional lives?
• How do you handle confidentiality with
tenant employees?
Staff Development and
• What kind of practices can be developed to
encourage tenant employee advancement?
• What additional training programs can
encourage tenant employees to advance?
• Should any recognition be given to tenant
• Recognition of Success Stories.
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