ESF Grants in the South East Region 2011-13

Sandra Turner
ESF Community Grants
Project Manager
ESF Community Grants
South East Region
Skills Funding Agency & Surrey
Community Actions Role
What is the purpose of
Community Grants
The ESF Community Grant focuses on the hardest to reach
communities and unemployed/socially inactive individuals
who have difficulty in accessing mainstream provision
and/or ESF funding.
It has funded a considerable range of activities and has
enabled a number of beneficiaries to access further learning
opportunities or progress into training & employment.
It has supported 109 organisations across Surrey, Sussex,
Hampshire, Thames Valley, Kent & Medway to deliver
So how did this happen?
 SCA along with it’s partners applied for funding to
the SFA
 Funding approved and work commenced Sept
 Partnership working
 Money
Next steps
Promotion of Community Grants
Receipt of applications
Panel meetings & decisions
Advising successful applicants
The hard work begins!!
Delivering the project 1
Some examples of what the project
could/has been delivered
 Initial help with basic skills
 Taster work experience including voluntary work
 Confidence building & personal development
 Training advice and guidance
 Job search assistance
Delivering the project 2
Contracts & requirements, policies &
Recruitment of beneficiaries
Rigorous financial systems & records
Partnership working
SFA & SCA contract meetings
Steering Group
Management Group
Panel meetings
Monitoring meetings
On going support
What next?

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